From two wheels to four

Yesterday the sun was shining, so I took my bike out of the cellar, dusted it off and oiled the gears. I checked the lights and pumped up the wheels...

When I’d got my breath back I looked down fondly at my trusty old two-wheeler, which at that point shone like new. And then I took another look out of the window. Outside it was thick again with snow. So I sighed and put it back. This was the fourth time this had happened in a month, but I’m not giving up. There’s still plenty of time to get into shape for the 5th Suits on Bikes ride, which is to take place in July.

And when the weather finally settles down (although by the time you read these words, it should have not only settled but the temperature could even be heading towards 30 degrees), I would recommend that you read this, our April edition, in which you can find out the latest facts and views on several hot topics. On the flexible office market, a new player has arrived and has already made a big splash. Magdalena Kowalewska, the boss of Immofinanz in Poland, tells us in an exclusive interview of her plans to introduce new formats here. We also put the booming warehouse market under the microscope – and it turns out that, in these uncertain times, investors need to find new ways of operating to avoid the latest, previously unheard of, pitfalls that now lie in their paths. We also take a look at urban logistics centres, which are inching closer and closer to city centres. But is everyone really happy about this?

If topics like these aren’t enough to raise your temperature (or blood pressure), then our study of real estate salaries certainly will. It turns out that the coronavirus has… raised our earnings. Well, at least for a good number of us. We also take a look at modern office buildings, which are more often being used by public institutions – and the pandemic has only bolstered this trend. We also cast our eyes upon investment in homes for the elderly and whether the PRS boom has also had a knock-on effect in this segment. I also suggest that you have a look at our environmental article, where we demolish the myth that you can’t replant old trees. In fact, trees that stand in the way of a new development can actually be moved or removed. There is, however, one caveat to this: since every developer claims to be pro-environmental, why can’t we find anyone to comment on this subject? And at the very end of this issue, there’s our little piece about luxury goods, when we take a look at the latest Rolls Royce.

That’s how we will take you from a humble pushbike to the latest word in motor vehicles. Which will you choose this spring? That’s entirely up to you… after all, your earnings just keep on going up, don’t they?