Edition 4 (257) April 2021


From two wheels to four

Yesterday the sun was shining, so I took my bike out of the cellar, dusted it off and oiled the gears. I checked the lights and pumped up the wheels...

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Winning mentality

Fresh from HB Reavis’ triumph in establishing Varso Tower as the tallest building in the EU, we spoke to Karol Wyka, a member of the company’s management board and keen rally driver, about how the developer could possibly top that

Small talk

The service game

Last year might have been a bonanza for the warehouse market, but there are still challenges to face, as Paweł Sapek, the senior vice-president and CE regional head and country manager of Prologis, tells us

Small talk

Winging to a higher standard

Hungarian real estate group Wing acquired Polish developer Echo Investment at the end of 2019. We asked its CEO and Echo Investment’s supervisory board chairman Noah Steinberg about what has happened in the year or so that followed and the group’s plans for Poland and further afield...

Stock market report

Not quite there yet

With the pandemic refusing to ease off, fears are growing over how quickly the global economy can be rebooted – and Poland has been no exception, even though it has so far fared rather better than others with the economic impact of Covid-19. And the sector indices are also doing better than those of the broader market, with the developers’ index looking particularly buoyant


Flex appeal

Magdalena Kowalewska, the country operations manager and a board member of Immofinanz in Poland, in an exclusive interview for Eurobuild talks about the new flexible office formats that have just been launched in buildings owned by the company

Warehouse & industrial

Speed is the key

The warehouse market these days is so hot that investors are buying up these assets before the first spade even breaks ground. And they are even talking with developers before there’s anything to invest in. New times, it seems, require new ways of doing business

Rafał Ostrowski
Warehouse locations

Sheds to the city

Warehouses are popping up in cities like mushrooms as a result of the current e-commerce boom and the soaring demand for last-mile delivery. These buildings are also attractive investment product, but the supply of land is shrinking, prices for plots are rising and the neighbours aren’t always so pleased to see them

Magdalena Rachwald
Human resources

Unpacking pay packets

Unlike other areas of the economy, the property sector has generally not seen wide ranging wage cuts for those employed in it. In actual fact, almost half of those in the sector have received rises over the last few months. There’s also been no shortage of bonuses and other fringe benefits, although not quite in the same way

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
Office & mixed-use development

Going public

A knight in shining armour might be riding to the aid of an office market depressed by the pandemic – in the perhaps unlikely form of the public sector. Last year its share of the tenant market surged. Does this mean that those landlords who are still put off from engaging with it are set to lose out?

Nathan North

When I get older, losing my hair…

The investment market for nursing homes and assisted living for the elderly is still in its infancy in Poland, but with the demographic time-bomb ticking, huge investment is clearly necessary

Alex Hayes
Green projects

Barking up the right tree

Planting trees is one way to make up for the damage that our actions do to the environment. Although the idea is good in theory, the regulations could still do with a few tweaks

Rafał Ostrowski
Luxury goods

Roller coaster

Rolls-Royce has always shown a blatant disregard for such prosaic nonsense as trends or progress. Not any more: its new generation has now been launched, fitted with laser headlights and sensors worthy of a fighter jet. But it still comes with all its reassuringly familiar excesses: a V12 engine and lambswool floor mats

Mateusz Żuchowski

All around the garden

The lack of urban planning is a recurring problem for real estate investors in Poland. In most cases, the situation just looks bad; but from a local point of view it’s even worse

Magdalena Rachwald