New and renewed projects by Mayland

Retail & leisure
The Fort Wola shopping centre in Warsaw is set to re-open in 2022. The opening of the mall after a five-year break will not only reveal its new form, but also a significant change in its quality. In response to demand from the market, Mayland Real Estate is now planning investments in other cities.

The re-imagined Fort Wola is a project to transform an existing first-generation shopping centre into a convenient shopping destination, primarily for customers located in its immediate vicinity. Its commercialisation is supported by the fact that it is in a very strong ʻ5-minute walking zone’. The more than 60,000 people who live in the direct range of the centre are considered to form the core group of future customers. Additionally, the mall is easily accessible by various means of public transport, including eight bus lines and three tram lines.

Furthermore, Mayland is planning to develop its Libretto project in Warsaw and to open additional retail parks in Szczecin and Rzeszów. Although existing large retail projects are steadily regaining their pre-pandemic form, the dynamic of this market segment in previous decades has been exhausted. “The development sector has started to look for new formats and has now turned its gaze on retail parks, which are convenient and safe places for everyday shopping on a local scale. This trend became even more visible during the most difficult lockdown months. The predictions for the foreseeable future do not assume any sudden changes in the consumers’ attitude towards convenience,” says Grzegorz Latała, the commercialisation director and a board member of Mayland Real Estate.

A familiar idea filled with new quality

Fort Wola, with an area of 28,000 sqm gla, was originally opened in 2001. Its concept was based around a large hypermarket anchor. The current project involves downsizing the grocery section and adjusting it to the current market requirements, while at the same time supplementing its offer with the opening of specialist stores. Fort Wola will now feature a Kaufland store – the first store of the chain in shopping centres managed by Mayland. Its projected area comes to 5,000 sqm. We are convinced that the extensive offer of several thousand food products and industrial goods will meet a large part of the expectations of customers looking for a convenient place to do their daily shopping,” explains Grzegorz Latała further. Its offer is being even further supplemented by drugstores, pharmacies, interior decoration stores, clothing stores as well as a food court. In total, the new Fort Wola will have 75 retail and services premises.

The new Fort Wola

This is a redevelopment project aimed at transforming an existing first-generation shopping centre into the re-imagined Fort Wola – a convenient place for everyday shopping. The site is located on one of Warsaw’s main streets – namely, ul. Wolska, which then turns into ul. Połczyńska, close to the junction with ul. Powstańców Śląskich. The more than 60,000 people living in the direct range of the centre are considered to be the core group of future customers. Moreover, Warsaw’s new second metro line, which has already contributed to some intensive residential development in the area, is acting as an additional magnet. The interior of the building itself is currently undergoing a complete transformation, while not only the offer of stores, but also the customer experience segment is being adjusted to meet the latest trends. The new and re-imagined Fort Wola will open its doors in 2022.

Libretto retail park

Mayland Real Estate is the owner of a plot of land located in Warsaw’s Czerniaków district. The Libretto project is to be developed on the site at the junction of Trasa Siekierkowska and al. Polski Walczącej. “The urban concept for Libretto involves the creation of an innovative and multi-functional district centre in the Dolny Mokotów neighbourhood. The close proximity of Warsaw’s city centre (5 km from the Palace of Culture and Science) and suburban areas is an ideal place for carrying out investments. Keeping in mind the fact that multiple housing estates are being developed in the area, Mayland is preparing to develop a retail park with an area of 9,000 sqm and 280 parking spaces,” reveals Grzegorz Latała.

Rzeszów retail park

Mayland’s Rzeszów site is located in one of the city’s fastest growing neighbourhoods, located close to ul. Lubelska. This has become a cradle of international business, with a rapidly growing number of office workers and an increasing number of apartments and services for residents and employees.

“We are operating in a location that we know well. Together with a local developer, we are realising there a residential investment called Bella Dolina. It will eventually have around 3,000 apartments in 20 different buildings. This fact alone bodes very well for the future commercialisation of the retail park, as does all the business activity in that neighbourhood, helping this to become an exceptionally attractive part of Rzeszów,” believes Grzegorz Latała. The investment will cover over 9,000 sqm gla and a car park with 380 places.

Szczecin retail park

Mayland is planning a retail park on an 8.1 ha plot situated 6 km from Szczecin city centre. Currently, a Ster shopping centre (including a Castorama store and a McDonald’s restaurant, among others), which opens up additional business opportunities. The retail park will comprise more than 8,500 sqm gla and 330 parking spaces. Its three most important segments will be: household goods, food and groceries, as well as fashion. These were chosen based on research into the local conditions and customer preferences.

Mayland is a leading developer and manager of large retail facilities in Poland. The company has operated on the Polish market since 1995 and is part of the Casino Group. Mayland has developed many modern shopping centres: Karolinka in Opole, Pogoria in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Jantar in Słupsk as well as Riviera in Gdynia and Serenada in Kraków. The company manages retail centres and also has a significant portfolio of projects, including residential developments, across the entire country.