Climbing up a treadmill in a hotel

"The Everest climbing wall treadmill can be compared to a jogging treadmill," said Piotr Małecki, the president of the board of Everest Climbing.

"The difference is that you not only exercise your legs, but also your arms. The product has been available in Western Europe for five or six years, but is now being introduced to the Polish market. Our wall differs from our competitors’. It has a patented intelligent climbing holds location system. So we never get bored of climbing. This creates ongoing and endlessly new climbing routes, so that the climber constantly faces new challenges. Our clients include small children and adults, amateurs and professionals. For a normal adult, the wall stands vertically. For a professional, the wall can change its inclination angle to -45°. The Everest wall is ideal for fitness clubs, hotels, schools, event agencies. The wall we are producing now is already the second generation of the wall. Our first wall was produced in 2014 – and this year, at a trade fair in Cologne, we unveiled the second generation of the wall. It is more compact and can fit into in a much smaller room, without needing huge cargo lifts or large gates. When assembled, the wall has 3m of the climbing space. Each climbing hold line works separately. And we have now patented this system. The climbing hold line rotates all the time and creates new climbing routes. The climbing pace can also be adjusted to the climber’s abilities. Integrated sensors gauge whether the climber is going faster or slowing down," explained the president of the Everest Climbing.