The potential of e-commerce market in Poland

"Everything indicates that the e-commerce market in Poland is growing annually by around 20 pct y-o-y. Two years ago we saw slightly slower growth – of 17 pct, but last year the market managed to get back to its 20 pct growth path. As we can see, e-commerce is still growing, but we are analysing it from a different perspective – the e-commerce share in GDP is remaining at the same level, around 5 pct.," said Łukasz Kiczma.
"I guess the dynamics of e-commerce in Poland will be stable – growth of between 17 and 22 pct y-o-y. If it stays like this, it will be very good for the sector," according to the e-Commerce Poland's director.

"I think shopping centres still have their lessons to learn. I do not want to paint a pessimistic picture of shopping centres even disappearing from the Polish market. No – in fact, the opposite is the case: there are new ones being built. When I talk to Warsaw’s inhabitants, they ask often about new shopping centres, especially, when there is no mall in a person’s district. But we have to remember that shopping centres have to answer the question: how to satisfy today’s customers’ needs, the needs of a customer who is mobile, digitalised. First of all: full, digital and mobile information about the shopping centre itself, but also about what the mall’s tenants have to offer," said Łukasz Kiczma.