Orange plans to sell properties valued at more than PLN 1,5 bln

"The property portfolio of Orange is managed by the company’s real estate department, which is also responsible for property sales. It manages over 2,500 properties across the whole country. Now, there are app. 800 properties for sale worth around PLN 1 bln, which represents just a small proportion of the properties that are to be sold," said Maciej Klukowski, director, real estate division, Orange Polska.

"We plan to sell over 1,500 properties with a market value of over PLN 1,5 bln. The Orange properties on sale include a wide range of commercial real estate assets such as office buildings, investment plots and residential buildings. The main advantage of our properties is their business potential. The buildings stand on large plots in city centres. We have also a lot of land around the largest regional cities, which might be atrractive for developers. // There are also historic buildings, such as the one in Gdańsk, on ul. Długa. It is a residential building within Gdańsk’s main pedestrian zone. // We also have office buildings with residential sections, such as in Warsaw on ul. Zamenhoffa. The building is located in the historic Muranów district, with easy access to Warsaw’s main arteries. // There are plots in our portfolio for residential projects as well, such as the one on ul. Chodźki, near one of Lublin’s main transportation arteries. It is a plot of over 3 ha for a residential project next to a shopping centre. There is also a modern office building offering an attractive return on capital. In Orange Polska Nieruchomości’s portfolio, there is also the Warszawianka plot in Lesznowola with 80 ha for residential project. The site is only 22 km from Warsaw’s city centre with the easy access to the city’s bypass and to the centre," Maciej Klukowski of Orange told us.