Warsaw now opening up to co-living and hybrid projects

Marc Jongerius, the founder and CEO of Amsterdam-based Zoku, which is a company that supplies home/co-working hybrid space, explains why they are interested in expanding into Warsaw.

“Warsaw has quite a lot of co-working facilities already and at the same time we see a lot of international companies, free movers, and self-employed professionals also settling in, so our experience of such developments is that there is new demand being unlocked in the marketplace,” he says.

“There are expats, free movers who come in for a few weeks, or a few months; where are they staying at the moment? We see that there is a lot of opportunity in cities that are developing that are kind of internationalising, that want to be open for young talent and for international talent – to open up for new and hybrid concepts,” claims Marc Jongerius.

Marc Jongerius was a speaker at the "Places + Spaces" conference organised by the Urban Land Institute Poland in Warsaw on September 11th this year.