Mennica's golden hour

Eurobuild TV went to visit the Mennica Legacy Tower construction site. We went up to the 21st floor to have a look at the city. “The challenges were to work within the masterplan given by the city, the one that had been approved, to create a flexible and efficient office building, which for commercial developments is the most important thing. To work within the given parameters to develop an efficient building was a particular challenge. It was important - for instance - to have a certain floor plan size with particular dimensions for the court, for the walls and other things like that.”

Mennica Legacy Tower has now reached a height of over 100m. The skyscraper, which is being jointly developed by Golub GetHouse and the Mint of Poland at the junction of ul. Prosta and ul. Żelazna in Warsaw, has a target height of 140m and should be topped off in Q1 2019.

Work is currently underway on both the tower and the 43m tall Budynek Zachodni building. General contractor Warbud has now completed the 26th storey in the tower while a further seven storey’s are yet to be built

Budynek Zachodni has already been topped off and the fitting work is underway. Its sole tenant WeWork is soon to move in.

Together the two buildings are to have a total of 65,600 sqm of office space. The design is by Chicago-based studio Goettsch Partners with Epstein working as the local partner. Other tenants in the complex include Noerr Biedecki and Allen & Overy. The building is to apply for BREEAM certification and is aiming for a rating of ‘Outstanding’. The complex is to open in September 2019.