Nelu Gheorghiță


Nelu Gheorghiță

Nelu Gheorghiță has been appointed as Chief Operations Officer (COO) in Cargus. In this position, he will coordinate the operational and logistical development of the courier company, accelerating the expansion of Cargus’ operations on international markets.

Nelu Gheorghiță is a professional with extensive expertise in operations and industrial engineering, with over 20 years of experience in the courier industry, logistics, transport and supply chains. Prior to his position in Cargus, he worked in UPS leading, as Head of Operations, the operational activities in four countries in the region: Greece, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia. Nelu also had an assignment for one year in Brussels and five years in Prague, where he coordinated the Central and Eastern European region as Engineering Manager. His skills cover areas such as operations and project management, operational and process optimization. Nelu is a graduate of the Polytechnical University in Bucharest and holds a master's degree in Management and Business Administration, obtained at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.