Karolina Migdał-Koleśnikow

Walter Herz

Karolina Migdał-Koleśnikow

Karolina Migdał-Koleśnikow has been appointed as the sales & marketing director at Walter Herz. In her new role, she will manage the team responsible for creating and implementing marketing campaigns aimed at reinforcing brand awareness and promoting the company's services, as well as the activities of Walter Herz’s Tenant Academy and Investor Academy. She will also manage relationships with partners and subcontractors. Karolina will also be responsible for supporting the implementation of the organization's development strategy and its various brands, as well as achieving sales targets and expanding the company's client portfolio.

Karolina joined Walter Herz in October 2022 as the sales & marketing manager. She has 11 years of experience in marketing. Throughout her professional development, she has gained extensive experience in executing B2B marketing projects managing image, promotional, and product events, integrating marketing and sales processes. She graduated from SWPS University in Warsaw.