MVRDV wins hammer and sickle contest

RUSSIA The architectural and urban concept by Dutch architectural studio MVRDV has obtained the highest score in the international competition held by the city authorities to refurbish the 58 haterritory of the Moscow Metallurgical Plant Serp i Molot (‘Hammer and Sickle’).

The other four finalists include Ateliers Lion Associés (France), LDA Design (Great Britain), Project Meganom (Russia) and De Architekten CIE (Netherlands). The result serves as a recommendation to development company Donstroy, which will have the final word in choosing the winner. Moscow’s chief architect Sergei Kuznetsov said that the score of the five selected finalists in the competition will play a major role in that process, but each still has a chance to win. The concept of MVRDV involves developing of 1.8 mln sqm of mix use development. It will include housing, offices and as well as schools and a local hospital. The urban quarter will be developed in phases and provide homes for 19,000 inhabitants and 16,000 work spaces. Donstroy estimates investment costs of RUB 180 bln (EUR 3.6 bln) and envisions the completion of the project in 2021. According MVRDV its winning scheme builds upon the current layout and identity of the site: “By taking the characteristic factory streets and buildings as starting points, a new layer will be added to the neighbourhood. Historic structures such as large chimneys and pipes are to be preserved and other structures are integrated into new buildings.”