The sky's the limit (218) March 2017


Setting the bar higher

“The sky’s the limit” was what the Slovaks representing HB Reavis were told by Warsaw’s local authorities when they asked about the maximum possible height of the tallest floor of a skyscraper they were planning on a plot in the heart of the capital city.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & Finance

The Slovaks who crossed the mountains

When he was just starting out in Poland, there was just the two of them in the office. Now he’s in charge of a company that employs 150 people and is responsible for 40 pct of the international operations of the development and real estate group. Stanislav Frnka, the country CEO of HB Reavis Poland, tells us how a small real estate agency eventually became the dominant player on the market on the southern side of the Tatras, its beginnings in Poland and its ambitious European expansion plans.


Varsovian landmark

In 2012 they purchased the plot and entrusted one of the most renowned studios in the world with the design work. Now they’ve started the construction of the tallest skyscraper in Central Europe on it. Marcin Chruśliński, HB Reavis’ development manager for Varso, gives us the inside story of the project.

Regional markets

Six of the best

As the office markets in the biggest provincial cities in Poland finally take off, driven to a large degree by the BPO sector, we asked Tomasz Buras, managing director and head of Poland at Savills, how well the supply is meeting the demand and what lies ahead of us.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & Finance

Investors target regional cities

The perceived oversupply on the Warsaw office market is leading investors to take a greater interest in regional cities. In 2017 they have similar amounts to spend as last year, but what is there to buy outside the capital – and how is the latter market likely to fare? We asked Michał Ćwikliński, managing director and head of the investment department at Savills, for the answers.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Property & asset management

Ensuring the tenant’s happiness

How should an office in a regional city be managed? At first sight, the model is simple and based on the assumption that the property manager has to focus on the comfort of the people working in the building. But, as Bartłomiej Łepkowski, director and head of property and asset management at Savills, tells us, the devil is as usual in the detail…

Ewa Andrzejewska
Workplace solutions

Enlightened 21st century man

“The boundary between the home and the workplace is becoming increasingly blurred. These days the employee must feel comfortable and at ease in the office, which directly results not only in their greater well-being but also an improvement in the efficiency of the company,” says Bogdan Rogala, the general manager of Philips CEE Lighting.

Tomasz Cudowski
New technology

Streams of light and knowledge

Companies who care for their employees as well as their image and finances need to invest in the right work space layout. And the way they are lit is one of the most important issues for the efficiency and well-being of the workforce.

Workplace solutions

People, process, place

An office is a place where people realise their business processes. A comprehensive project for a well arranged office combines three main elements in the best way possible – it focuses on the employees and the processes they carry out in their workplace, while ensuring an increase in their efficiency.

Workplace solutions

Don’t be afraid of Activity Based Working!

The work environment is constantly changing. Poland and the world as a whole are undergoing a transformation that has seen a younger generation of workers and modern technology come to the market. Today many people telecommute, often performing most of their duties remotely. So are modern offices adapted to the current needs of employees and fully set up for the latest business challenges?

Interior design

High five for Myhive

Immofinanz has recently officially opened five buildings in Poland under its new Myhive office brand. Magdalena Kowalewska, the company’s country manager of operations in Poland, tells us that there is much more to this brand than just redecorating the lobbies.


The offshore wind that never dies down

As one of the strongest global outsourcing and offshoring markets in the world, Poland is hoping to maintain its momentum. What are its prospects for further growth?

Rafał Ostrowski
Investment & Finance

Entering a new golden age

On the twentieth birthday of TriGranit, we spoke to Árpád Török, the CEO of the developer and investor, about what the company has already achieved and what it will go on to do.

Alex Hayes

Not quite the ugly duckling

TriGranit has transformed the former industrial site into the Bonarka for Business park, a development much better suited to such a beautiful city as Kraków.

Alex Hayes