Edition 12 (274) December 2022


Everybody needs somebody to love

Have you got a favourite film that you like to watch on New Year’s Day? Well, I do. But it’s not Kevin fighting off a couple of particularly dumb burglars, or Clark Griswold as he heroically battles with a gigantic Christmas tree; nor does it have Bruce Willis in a vest single-handedly wiping out a gang of heavily-armed German terrorists.

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

It’s all about the partnerships

Founding partners of Frankfurt-based real estate investment manager Kadens Capital, Derek Jacobson and Matthias Cordier, tell us about how they came to set up the new company and their property market journey so far

Small talk

Don’t burn down the forest

Paweł Toński, the managing partner of Warsaw-based tax, legal and transactional consultancy Crido delves into the issue's surrounding the introduction of the Polish government's controversial tax reforms that form part of its 'Polski Ład' ('Polish Deal') and what they mean for the real estate market - as well as where we are (if anywhere) with getting REITs established in this country

Small talk

Big and now even bigger

Immonfinanz, one of Warsaw's biggest office landlords and a major player on the Polish retail market, was this year taken over by CPIPG. 'Eurobuild' spoke to Barbara Topolska, country manager, CPI Property Group Poland, about the Czech group's expanding empire and what it's planning next in Poland

Stock market report

Wishing for some Christmas cheer

In November 2021, the WIG index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange reached its historic high, after which it began its long slide downwards, dragged down by the war in Ukraine, inflation and the global tightening of monetary policy. A whole year later, a few positive signals are finally appearing on the trading floor, as investors hope for the present of some growth around Christmas


Conceptual thinking

During the lockdown, the flex operators that survived found themselves ideally placed to respond to the transformed requirements of office users. Will the same be true once the expected recession hits us? Hubert Abt, the founder and CEO of New Work and its Workcloud24 platform, believes so and tells us why

Alex Hayes

Winter is coming?

After a year of geopolitical and economic upheaval, which came only a short time after the pandemic lockdowns, we take a look at the current state of the Polish construction sector and how prepared it is for what could be a troubled period ahead of us

Nathan North
Retail & leisure

Paradiso regained?

Cinemagoers are returning, although not quite in the same numbers as over two years ago. The main attractions are Hollywood blockbusters, but multiplexes and studio cinemas have other ideas for getting bums back on seats

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska

Looking after the grass

How much green space there has to be for each residential project is governed by the current regulations, but for many developers these are just the starting point. On their own initiative they are adding greenery to walls and roofs as well as providing rain gardens and allotments

Magdalena Rachwald
The Expert Eye

High class, but less available

The continuing high demand for the highest quality office space pushed up third quarter base rents across Europe by 1.8 pct and on a year-on-year basis by 5.3 pct. This is almost eleven times more than the 0.5 pct rise recorded for the previous year

Cushman & Wakefield
The Expert Eye

CEP still mushrooming

Poland is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Europe, which is also benefiting the domestic courier, express and postal (CEP) services sector. This industry has been enjoying uninterrupted double-digit growth for several years and today is valued at over PLN 17 bln

Joanna Ociepka-Wojciechowska, 7R

21st century blues

We are now more than 20 years into the present century. This fact only fully dawned on me recently and it hit me hard. There are people born since 2000 who already have their own children, and there are some buildings constructed since then that already need extensive modernisation…

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska