Where to put the airport?

An increasing number of proposals are being put forward about where to locate a new airport near Warsaw. The latest is from the city authorities in Łódź who are suggesting the small town of Babsk, in which case the airport would serve both their city and the capital.
Babsk is located 60 km from Warsaw and 65 km from Łódź. The 1,000 hectare plot proposed for the airport belongs to two private owners, the State Forestry (Lasy Państwowe) and the Military Property Agency (Agencja Mienia Wojskowego).

PRInż to build section of road in Upper Silesia

The Katowice-based construction firm PRInż has won a contract to build a 2.3 kilometre long, (to include a 700 metre tunnel), section of an expressway in the centre of its home town. The contract, worth EUR 56.3 mln, is to be financed by a loan granted to the city's authorities by the European Investment Bank and the work is due to be complete by 2006.

Cedat opens a new factory

Cedat, a building materials' manufacturer, has opened a new factory, which it began work on in 2000, in the Kokoszki area of Gdańsk.
The factory is located on a 3.5 hectare plot, which consists of a 4,600 sqm production warehouse and a 1,500 sqm office building.

PIA Piasecki bankruptcy

Kielce District Court has declared PIA Piasecki bankrupt. The company has been up against financial difficulties for some time now.

Building materials' wholesalers to go for a 20 per cent share of market

Polskie Składy Budowlane, a group of building materials' wholesalers based in Walecz in south-east Poland, is to aim to increase its share of the market in Poland from 14-15 per cent, to twenty per cent over the next few years. Part of this strategy will involve opening 100-150 wholesale outlets.
PSB consists of 226 private companies, of which twelve produce construction materials, which are sold at 419 shops and warehouses around the country.

Tenders for big money

The three companies, which won the most money at public tenders in 2002, were Mitex with over PLN 464.5 mln, the WPRD and Strabag Polska consortium with PLN 136.1 mln and Hydrobudowa 9 with PLN 119.8 mln.
The list was prepared by Gazeta Wyborcza and Urząd Zamówień Publicznych (the Public Records Office).