Not dead yet. And how are you doing?

To the delight of some and in spite of all the doomsayers, you now have a copy of the September issue of Eurobuild in your hands – confirming that reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

If I had a euro for every suggestion I’ve heard that Eurobuild has gone bankrupt / won’t publish the print magazine again / will never recover... I’d go and buy myself a nice little island in the middle of some blue sea. Rumours, though, don’t generate anextra revenue and more often than not just get you down. However, we do have reasons to be cheerful (one, two, three):

Firstly, our September issue is a little thicker than our summer magazine. And we have a new section. To warm yourself up for the more weighty stuff, you could take a look at Small Talk, which is just a short interview about what life is like in the sector. We’re still talking about business, but not in such a serious vein, focusing instead on the lives and lifestyles of real estate players. Then you could turn to our two solid analyses, one legal and the other economic. If it turns out that you, our dear readers, like this more analytical format, we can turn it into a regular feature. And as always we also round up all the most important developments on the real estate market over the previous month, which despite the pandemic and the holiday season has been full of major transactions, a plethora of leases and some significant ground breaking ceremonies.

We would just love it if we didn’t have to write about the pandemic (ever again!), but I fear this is a topic that’s still on everyone’s minds and that will continue to shape the course of what’s going to happen on the market. Thankfully, just a few days after this issue comes out (on September 11th), we’ll all be meeting up for the Eurobuild tennis and golf tournaments – the first time the sector has been able to come together in the real world since the lockdown. Our tireless Eurobuild Conferences department is also preparing for our annual conference and our Gala in December, although whether they can be held is not just up to you or us. Keep your fingers crossed!