Edition 9 (251) September 2020


Not dead yet. And how are you doing?

To the delight of some and in spite of all the doomsayers, you now have a copy of the September issue of Eurobuild in your hands – confirming that reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

Tomasz Cudowski

Rising to the occasion

To gauge the real impact of Covid-19 on Polish real estate, we spoke to a number of market players and analysts about how it was possible to get through the worst of the lockdown, how the landscape has been changed by the pandemic, as well as the prospects for the future

Nathan North

Overcoming Covid-19 in real estate transactions

The pandemic may have prompted a slowdown in transactions for office and retail projects and brought hotel transactions to a virtual halt, but logistics and industrial remain dynamic sectors of the Polish real estate market. In the first six months of 2020 – much of which took place during the pandemic – logistics transactions achieved their highest ever volume

Mateusz Cieślak, Weronika Guerquin, Linklaters Warsaw Real Estate practice
Warehouse & industrial

Golden brown

Once brownfield sites were completely off the radar for warehouse developers. Now they see them as a lucrative opportunity

Rafał Ostrowski

Green islands in the storm

According to estimates by the East Capital fund, freezing an economy for one month lowers GDP by just over 4 pct and the effect increases exponentially as time passes. If a second lockdown can be avoided the CEE region has the chance to make a quick recovery

Grażyna Śleszyńska

Open the doors and take a breath

The hospitality sector has been holding its breath since the pandemic started. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and many hotels have been forced to close, while others are still running, but at a loss. And yet, despite all of this, in Poland the sector is slowly shifting into recovery mode

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
Stock market report

Sitting pretty – on the edge of a cliff

As economies around the world have shrunk back, the stock exchanges have actually kept on rising. a number of indices even ended H1 in the black after regaining ground lost in March. The development sector has so far survived the pandemic, while construction is still waiting to see how the situation develops

Small talk

The worst was the uncertainty

“On the one hand we had to follow new government regulations, and on the other we had to deal with the fears of individual companies and their international corporate guidelines,” – admits Wojciech Rumian, the vice-president of the management board, Hines Polska, speaking to ‘Eurobuild CEE’

Small talk

Adding feathers to their caps

“We have started to work with a fund that’s building a large apartments for rent portfolio. We believe that this is a market with a future,” – insist APP Projekt management board members Michał Małaszyński and Jacek Korwin-Małaszyński

Small talk

Coming out of the freezer

“Having a build-and hold strategy is a huge advantage. a huge advantage. Just look at the transaction market which is going through quite a bit of turbulence. Many funds have called off or held back from making large acquisitions," – says Radosław T. Krochta, the CEO of MLP Group


With the wind in your...

If a bicycle ride around town was just meant to be for pleasure, the Suits on Bikes event wouldn’t make much sense. Because behind the event, which Eurobuild has now held for the fourth time, lies a deeper sense of purpose or more accurately a number of ideas – we want to promote the bicycle as a means of transport that is economical, safe, healthy and ecological – one that is ideal for people commuting to their offices

Katarzyna Matejuk

Covid schmovid

I’m going to start with the disclaimer that I’m not trying to make light of the pandemic – this is such a sensitive topic and painful enough that it demands be taken seriously. But I eventually decided to try to identify some of the positives in this crisis – and was astounded to discover that there are a whole host of them.

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska