Gastromall unveils Isto concept

"Our new restaurant concept is called Isto. Our company’s been working on it for a year. We used our knowledge and experience of working on our Olimp concept in its development," Paweł Nawrot, the director of expansion at Gastromall Group, told 'Eurobuild CEE'.

"The Olimp and Isto concepts differ in their locations. Olimp is for office and retail centres and it’s also changed over the years. The latest Olimp in Proximo differs from those we opened five or six years ago. Isto is targeted at even better customers. There are better interiors and there are waiters and there’s live cooking where the cooks interact with the guests. It will be in locations that add value with greater traffic, in places that are very fancy. We’re thinking of opening a maximum of six or seven, or maybe even eight Istos in Poland. We’re going to have one in Katowice in .Ktw and plan to open one in Kraków as well as one in Wrocław, one in Poznań, one in Gdańsk and not more than three in Warsaw. The fit-out costs of an Isto are going to be more than twice as high as for a canteen. The first Isto is to be opened at the start of August this year. The kitchen is going to take up around 120 sqm while the space for guests will be 300 sqm or more. // All our meals are to be prepared on site," Paweł Nawrot said.