Trzop Architekci: Mobility now the future for offices

"When it comes to the office of the future, to a large extent this will be determined by the latest technology and especially by mobile devices. We’re already seeing big changes," told us Bartosz Trzop.

"The office looks completely different than it did 20-30 years ago. Now that we have mobile devices we can move freely around the office. In fact, we no longer really need our desks. Of course due to rules and regulations and depending on the firm, some workers still do need them, but not everybody. New areas are also being created in offices such as creative zones and chill-out rooms, which is why furniture producers and designers are now taking a totally different approach. No longer do we have ordinary desks and chairs, but we have multifunctional furniture, which is comfortable and ergonomic of course. When it comes to actual desks, portable versions are now becoming more popular," said founder of Trzop Architekci.