When victory tastes sweetest

It was the week before the Warszawa Business Run. Eurobuild had entered its five-person Szybkie Newski (fast news) team in the relay.
I ask one of its members: “How is your training?” He responds: “Can’t we run just for the fun and pleasure of it and to help others, as usual?” Of course we can, but.. anyway, he gave it his best during the run, surprising me and the rest of the team. Fun was had, and there was also a great deal of rivalry. A week later I ran in a small race with a hundred or so people in Warsaw’s Skaryszewski Park. I was managing to keep to a better pace than I expected and was thinking that my time would be a nice surprise for the friend who convinced me back in July that it was worth getting back into regular training – he questioned my ambition thus motivating me, and then even paid me a few compliments. But what possessed me to speed up in the last few hundred metres? – a fight to the very end with one of the other runners! Perhaps this is not a very edifying thing to admit, but victory tastes sweetest when you overtake a man in the last few metres. Sometimes it seems to me as though the investors active on the Polish market are taking part in a similar race. The competition over products is intense – and is now decidedly spreading outside the capital city. A year ago we were wondering whether investors would ever take to office buildings in regional cities. But today it is in the TriCity, Kraków and Łódź where the main race described in the ‘Magnetism of Regions’ article is taking place. Perhaps it is still too early to claim that this is comparable to when the investment focus finally fell on such cities as Barcelona or Berlin – or perhaps not. And since we have mentioned the capital of Germany, I wish all the best to the people taking part in the Berlin Marathon, which, like the Warsaw Marathon, takes place on September 27th. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!