Brunch with CPI Property Group

CPI at your service

More than 70 people attended a brunch organised by CPI Property Group, at which the Czech investor filled us in with all the latest news about its burgeoning Polish portfolio and its future plans

Rafał Ostrowski

The meeting was held in the Atrium Centrum office building in Warsaw, just one of the assets now owned by CPI. The Czech company currently has an international portfolio worth more than EUR 7.5 bln.

“We can boast of holding the first position among property owners in the Czech Republic, as well as among office owners in Berlin,” declared Marcin Mędrzycki, the office asset manager at CPI Poland in his opening presentation. The company’s portfolio includes office, retail and residential buildings as well as hotels. Around 78 pct of the real estate is located in the Czech Republic and Germany, with the rest being in Poland and Hungary. “As owners we place great emphasis on active property management. I have the pleasure of performing this task and this is also one of the reasons why this meeting is taking place,” added Marcin Mędrzycki.

CPI currently owns 15 properties in Poland, five of which are office buildings in Warsaw. Kamila Borkowska, the office leasing manager at CPI Poland, expanded on the latter in the second part of the presentation. “Our goal is to grow. To acquire real estate,” she expounded. The investor is interested in buildings in good locations that are already well-established on the market. The ceaseless work done by the company’s managers came up again and again in the presentation. Most of its office properties in Warsaw are to be or have recently been renovated. “Prosta 69 is a building situated next to the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station. The two outstanding characteristics of this building are its great location and its low rents – and that’s half the battle won,” continued Kamila Borkowska. The investor’s Warsaw portfolio also includes two twin buildings, Atrium Plaza and Atrium Centrum on al. Jana Pawła II, as well as the jewel in its Polish crown – Central Tower (formerly Orco Tower) on Al. Jerozolimskie near the city’s Central Station and where CPI has its country headquarters. “From this building every day we can admire how Warsaw has been changing. We are still in the midst of these changes,” observed Kamila Borkowska. The meeting ended with lunch and some informal chat between CPI’s people, the agents and the other guests gathered at the meeting.

“I look forward to working with you and I always answer the phone or call back. I am at your disposal,” offered Kamila Borkowska at the end of the meeting.