Edition 3 (208) March 2016


Battle of the back offices

Two recent secondary school graduates are having a chat. One of the two future university students is asking his friend: “What direction should my studies take if I want to get a good job?” “To the West,” replies the other.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

Budner leaps into new areas

Recently some changes have been made to your shareholder structure. Will Budner’s strategy be changing as a result?

Interviewer: Ewa Andrzejewska
Retail & leisure

Retail tax war

POLAND At the end of January the Ministry of Finance piublished the first official draft of the new act on the retail tax, which was amongst the promises made by the now ruling Law and Justice party during the general election campaign last year. Retailers, however, have been hostile towards the proposed changes, both in their original and the amended form announced at the beginning of February. A third version of the bill is now to be announced. To smooth the passage of the legislation, consultations are being held with the European Commission. The manner in which the new duty is imposed on retailers will significantly impact their revenues.

Aneta Cichla

Best year for resi developers

POLAND Developers sold over 51,800 apartments in 2015 – over 20 pct more than in 2014 and 48 pct more compared to 2007, reports Reas in its latest report. A total of 14,400 apartments were sold on the six largest markets in terms of turnover (Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, the TriCity, Poznań and Łódź) between October and December inclusive last year. This was 9 pct more than the previous quarter.

Green projects

Green is the new black

According to various estimates, as much as 40 pct of Warsaw is covered by green areas: parks, woodland, squares and, of course, the undeveloped Vistula river bank in Praga district – a wildlife refuge unparalleled in other large European cities. Will the capital’s authorities be utilising this in any particular way in the near future?

Interviewer: Eurobuild CEE
Warehouse & industrial

Prologis firing on all cylinders

POLAND In 2015 Prologis started the construction of four buildings in Poland with a total of 92,200 sqm of space. The company is planning to further expand on five markets: in Silesia (Chorzów and Wrocław), Warsaw, Central Poland (Łódź, Piotrków Trybunalski and Stryków), Poznań and Szczecin.

Stock market report

Difficult road ahead for the bourses

The first month of 2016 did not change the picture of the global stock exchanges. Concerns about a slowdown in China and the unclear prospects for the European and American economies were among the external factors that led to the Warsaw trading floor losing money


The Swedes who came to stay

Swedish developer Skanska has settled in for good in Central and Eastern Europe. Following top management changes the company has announced plans for even more intensive expansion. Katarzyna Zawodna, the new president of Skanska Commercial Development Europe, and Arkadiusz Rudzki, the managing director at Skanska Property Poland, spoke to us about their ongoing successes

Tomasz Szpyt
Investment & finance

A little extra advice

Grow or die – this could be the maxim of any large real estate consultancy these days. Even though territorial reach is still important, expansion in terms of the scope of services provided is equally or even more crucial. So things are starting to heat upon the merger and acquisition market

Agata Kłapeć
Investment & finance

Small is bountiful

Around 160 new projects and 35,000 jobs have been created in smaller Polish urban centres over the last eight years. That’s why local authorities are keen not miss any opportunities for investment – and are perfecting their foreign investor acquisition and service skills

Aneta Cichla
Office & mixed-use development

Think globally, build locally

The latest figures show that Brno will add more supply to the office market than Prague this year. The secondary city also boasts lower vacancy than the Czech capital. In Poland the situation on the office market is rather similar, as regional cities are strengthening their positions. The driving force behind this change is the BPO/SSC/IT sector

Anna Pakulniewicz

Water world

For Koen Olthuis, who has made a name for himself designing floating structures, the advantages of building houses on water seem endless. If we eventually embrace this concept, as he claims we will have to, our cities will never be the same again

Rafał Ostrowski
Human resources

Young, talented and... gone?

Youthful, relatively inexpensive and qualified staff have become one of the mainstays of the Polish economy. They are drawing in both the capital and the tenants, as outsourcing and R&D centres are opened up and down the country. However, as a demographic time bomb ticks down, there is no way of avoiding the question: how will the BPO boom keep going when we run out of young people?

Agata Kłapeć

Hitting the slopes with Eurobuild CEE

The Eurobuild CEE Cup 2016 once again proved that real estate professionals are not lacking in boldness or healthy sporting rivalry


Straw of fate

Someone needs to volunteer to write this column, said the editor-in-chief. Everybody went silent

Anna Pakulniewicz