Edition 10 (282) October 2023


Flying high overhead

Probably all of you have marvelled at bird’s-eye view photographs and films. It was once the case that to achieve such stunning footage, you had to be a TV cameraman or at least happen to have a pilot as an uncle.

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

A tale of two cities

Mark Richardson, the head of investment of Savills Poland, explains why he has now returned to Warsaw after a spell in Prague and about the differences between the investment markets in the two countries

Small talk

Capital fellows

Tomasz Lubowiecki, the CEO, of 7R, on why the recent buyout of the Polish warehouse developer by Nrep is just the start of the next stage in the company's development

Small talk

In a stronger position

Marta Sybilska, the owner of recruitment Prime Hunters, tells us about the real estate recruitment market in the peculiar economic and geo+political situation we now find ourselves in

Stock market report

A summer correction

The second half of the summer was certainly no picnic for the stock exchanges around the world. August saw falls for most of the trading floors – and Poland was no exception, with both the main indices and the sector indices taking sizeable hits


A degree of stability

The first half of the year saw a sharp dip in Polish real estate investment volumes, despite an upturn at the end of the summer. We asked the experts for the reasons why and if this is only a temporary phenomenon

Nathan North

P(R)S. I love you

The institutional private rental sector only makes up just over 1 pct of the Polish residential rental market. However, over the summer the total PRS pool has been increased by a number of new projects, while over 120 further projects are in the pipeline

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
Flex and co-working offices

More at home in the office

Research by Mindspace and OnePoll shows that for 92 pct of employees, flexibility is what they most expect from the latest work models, so flex office operators are now racing to introduce more employee-friendly solutions

Julia Cudowska
The Expert Eye

Reviving fortunes

The Warsaw office market is seeing signs of renewed development activity. Three new office buildings were delivered in H1 2023, but a significant increase in new supply is not expected until 2025


Building back better than before

It’s an old business maxim that every crisis presents an opportunity – and there is no greater crisis right now than the war in Ukraine. Buildings, roads and other essential infrastructure are being turned into rubble each day, and the time will come when all of this will have to be rebuilt. Despite there being no sign yet of any end to the war, many are already beginning to talk of the opportunities that reconstruction will offer – but how real are they?

Alex Hayes

Fishing for chips

By 2029 the global market for semiconductors is set to double to reach a value of USD 1.36 bln. Are the European and (in particular) the Polish warehouse sectors likely to be among the main winners from this?

Rafał Ostrowski
Case study

New life for an old district

With 23 ha and 100,000 sqm of leasable space, the largest warehouse to be developed inside Warsaw’s city limits has certainly been making an impression – and not only due to its size, but also its drone landing site, the insect hotels, rain gardens and the app that will manage the vehicle access

Magda Rachwald
The Expert Eye

Always the sun

A key question to be addressed in the wider adoption of photovoltaic power plants on warehouse roofs is where surplus energy will be directed

Pavla Procházková, Prologis

In praise of pessimism

At this time of year, I’m always reminded of when I moved to Poland from the UK, many years ago. Then, like now, the country was basking in a warm spell – the kind of extended summer that in the English-speaking world is called an ‘Indian summer’ and that’s known here as a ‘babie lato’. But while the British view such weather as a delightful bonus, to my surprise it only seemed to make Poles more agitated

Nathan North