Salaries in real estate sector forecast to grow

"Taking into consideration what employers are saying about their plans for hiring new people, and all the investment that’s going on, and likelihood of the economy maintaining its pace and the dynamic growth continuing… I think, in a year or two, the trend for rising wages will strengthen, said Oskar Kasiński, CEO & partner, HR Design Group - Property & Construction Recruitment.

But more and more companies are talking about a possible economic slowdown. This would have an impact on employment and on wage levels. Many of the HR market experts that we are talking to say that the next year will be more or less calm and all the ongoing real estate projects should be completed. So the situation on the market should be still good. Now my company, HR Design, has started to prepare a detailed report on salaries and other employment incentives in Poland – since wages are no longer the sole deciding factor when it comes to choosing a job. We have launched the survey on our web page, which is focused on the real estate and construction sector. It will be an analysis of anticipated wages and perks. We want to find out what the most crucial factors are when it comes to changing employment – and what aren’t. The data and findings of the eventual report will be freely available on our website. It should be ready at the end of August or in early September.

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