Edition 4 (179) April 2013


More easily codified than done

A foreman, after having assembled all his construction workers in front of him on an empty building site, announces: "We are about to start, so please remember: we build solidly, without any shoddiness and without stealing materials from the site. And also remember that we will build the best that we can because we are building for ourselves." "Er... and what is this buildinggoing to be, again?" asks one of the workers. "A drunk tank."

Ewa Andrzejewska
Office & mixed-use development

Life in the provinces

CZECH REPUBLIC In times when the attention of real estate investors and developers - at least as far as offices are concerned - remains firmly fixed on the capital cities of the region, in the Czech Republic CTP has been leading the way out of Prague with a number of prominent office investments in Brno and Ostrava.

Nathan North
Stock market report

The bounce is back but problems remain

After a gloomy end to February, the first half of March brought the spring back into the step of the global stock exchanges. However, increasing divergence in the health of the developed economies is now becoming apparent


From AM to PM

In-house or outsourced property management? Major renovations or slight tweaking? How do investment funds go about raising the value of their assets? The answers to these questions are central to the business of generating stable income on properties over the long term

Alex Hayes, Nathan North
Interior Design

No short cuts

Questioning practices in the Polish property sector is in fact to question its quality as well as the professionalism and maturity of those operating in it. As it turns out, things are far from perfect in this respect

Aneta Cichla
Investment & finance

Privates on parade

Development companies are looking with hungry eyes at state-owned companies earmarked for privatisation. They often own highly attractive land - and it is this that developers are mostly interested in

Radosław Górecki
Investment & finance

Bierut's shadow

The pre-war owners of Warsaw real estate are now coming forward in increasing numbers to reclaim their former properties - and this includes commercial facilities and development plots

Aneta Cichla
Interior Design

Designed to captivate you

We spend eight hours a day, five days a week at the office, sometimes even much more. In a sense it is our second home. Employers have now recognised this and are increasingly providing areas to encourage relaxation and integration at the workplace

Zuzanna Wiak

The only way is up

How much time would you need to climb the 1,576 stairs of the famous Empire State Building in New York? apparently As little as 10 minutes and 12 seconds. And how long would it take to dash up to the 37th floor of Warsaw's Rondo 1 office building? This year, the fastest runner only needed 3 minutes and 34 seconds

Ewa Andrzejewska

You don't know what you're missing

What has Cannes got that Warsaw hasn't? In my view the MIPIM real estate fair should not be held in France at all, but here in the Polish capital

Alex Hayes