Edition 7 (182) July 2013


Is the sky the limit?

In fairytales there has never been a shortage of princesses needing rescuing, as I have found out when reading them to my son. But it seems they are becoming increasingly surplus to requirements in modern children's literature. And what does anyone need princesses for in the construction industry?

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

From Trump Tower to Liberty Tower

POLAND The ruined Duschik & Scholze iron goods factory stands at the junction of ul. Grzybowska and ul. Żelazna in Warsaw. This is an important place in the history of the city and its Jewish community.

Radosław Górecki
Investment & finance

A long term investor in Poland

POLAND Eyal Mor, the managing director of Asbud, claims that his company is very much interested in long term investment in Poland. The Israeli-owned firm entered the Polish market in 1996 to do business and since that time has delivered more than 1,000 apartments to the market in seven projects. After 2007, the company temporarily slowed down its expansion strategy. "We stepped back during the crisis to reassess the market. Since 2007, we've mainly concentrated on design and purchase," Mr Mor explains.

Alex Hayes
Stock market report

Better than for quite some time

The bull market on the Japanese stock exchange, which started at the beginning of the year, was so optimistic in its final stages that it leap-frogged over the bounce in the country's economy. A correction started in the second half of May, when the old saw was proved right once again that the more dynamic the increase, the more sudden the correction will be.


Horizons of quality

Echo Investment has started work on a PLN 500 mln office tower in central Warsaw. Will the Q22 building become the developer's flagship project? About this and the future of the office market in Poland, we spoke to Rafał Mazurczak, the director of the office and hotel department at Echo Investment

Ewa Andrzejewska

Sensitive souls

Ghelamco is in the process of developing the largest project in the history in Poland. Warsaw Spire, which is being built in Warsaw's Wola district, will have an area of over 100,000 sqm. We discuss the project and the future of the office market with Jarosław Zagórski, the sales and development director of Ghelamco Poland

Radosław Górecki
Investment & finance

Flooding the market

Since 1997 fewer years can be counted when rivers haven't breached their banks in the region's main cities than those that have. Is it time to move our population centres away from high risk areas? Or will the latest measures be enough to calm the fears of tenants and investors?

Nathan North
Retail & leisure

Operation Modernisation

Plastic surgery can change everything... well, almost everything. Its effects vary, but there is always the hope of improving our looks and the way we feel about ourselves. Things are similar when it comes to shopping centres. However, a syringe with some Botox in it is not going to be enough

Aneta Cichla
Warehouse & industrial

Virtual change

The global e-commerce revolution has begun - and it needs more and more logistics facilities. Up to 20 pct of new leases on the Polish warehouse market are now being signed with tenants from this sector

Rafał Ostrowski
Human resources

All for a good cause

What is it that makes companies abandon the pursuit of profit and volunteer their time to working in their communities? How the charitable efforts of firms in the sector relate to the growing importance of the concept of corporate social responsibility

Alex Hayes

Lost in a dream

Demolish and build! Tower blocks, that is. The 15- to 20-year-old buildings that make up the Warsaw skyline are almost part of our heritage now. But apparently nobody wants them and nobody likes them. Instead, much more delight is being taken in visions of new, virtual skyscrapers

Radosław Górecki