Emilia Arciszewska


Emilia Arciszewska

Emilia Arciszewska, Head of HR and Talent Management, has been appointed Savills board member. Together with Michał Bryszewski and Tomasz Król she has joined the management board, which includes Tomasz Buras, CEO, James Sparrow, CEO, Savills UK and EMEA, and Kamil Kowa, Head of Corporate Finance & Valuation. The expansion of the management board will also see changes to the responsibilities of each board member. Emilia Arciszewska will be responsible for administration and HR processes at Savills Poland.

Arciszewska has a strong track record in professional services. She began her long career with Deloitte and PwC, where she supported clients in building HR strategies, change management and communication as well as company restructuring projects, cultural transformation, implementing development and talent management programmes. She held position Head of HR at CRIDO and led HR and Administration team at ALTO. Emilia is an experienced manager focused on communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing. She graduated from University of Warsaw and completed PhD studies and postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics.