Edition 9 (173) September 2012


The Apple of their eyes

Apple Inc. is now the world's most valuable company. How did a firm that was started in a garage in 1976 achieve all this? I asked my husband, who is connected to the IT industry, who told me: "Because Steve Jobs was a brilliant..." (please insert a suitable word here as the one used by my husband is rather improper).

Ewa Andrzejewska
Office & mixed-use development

Homes are not everything

At the beginning of the year?J.W. Construction announced that it was increasing its activities in the commercial development sector.Józef Wojciechowski, president of the supervisory board of J.W. Construction Holding: Residential construction has been the foundation of our business for nearly 20 years. However, we would like to grow further. So we have analysed the market and decided to extend our strategy. We have diversified our revenue sources both in geographical terms and with regard to the segmentation of our business. The decision is also meant to generate stable revenue during the downturn.

Zuzanna Wiak
Investment & finance

Our better half

POLAND Things are not going well, according to the property agents. According to a Jones Lang LaSalle report, there was a 40 pct decrease in the value of real estate investment transactions in Central and Eastern Europe compared to H1 2011.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

The win-win-win scenario

CEE REGION In July it was announced that Revetas Capital and Patron Capital Partners had entered into a strategic partnership to invest up to EUR 100 mln in distressed real estate opportunities in the CEE banking system.

Nathan North

Post-industrial portfolio

POLAND What do a boxing enthusiast, a former director of Echo Investment's residential project department, a former deputy chairman of the Stock Exchange Council, who is famous for the merger of Vistula and Wółczanka (i.e. Piotr Laszkiewicz) and Maciej Wandzel have in common? The first thing is Warsaw's Soho Factory complex, the second is an office project in the former Polskie Zakłady Optyczne (PZO) optical instruments factory (also in Warsaw) and the third is Cracovia Property...

Ewa Andrzejewska

Banging heads together

POLAND What can be done to ensure that residential projects in the capital city of one the biggest countries in Europe are built where future residents expect them? - that water and sewage infrastructure as well as educational centres are built in places where they are actually needed? On July 23rd Warsaw city council signed a cooperation agreement with the Polish Association of Developers.

Zuzanna Wiak
Stock market report

The spectre of bankruptcy that stalks construction

The main indexes are in the green, but developers and construction are in the red - this is the picture of the market which has been facing investors for a few months, mainly caused by worries about the eurozone


Battle for hearts and wallets

The communist era, when coffee was a scarce commodity, is now thankfully a thing of the past. Nowadays it is even served in places we would not expect, such as in a furniture shops. This is a sign that mall tenants are intensifying their fight over customers

Aneta Cichla
Investment & finance

Selling happiness

What investors want most at the moment is a well-managed shopping centre, generating high turnover. This is the aim of developers, too. Facility managers are also keen to add to the value of their buildings, and are doing their best to achieve the results required for this

Aneta Cichla
Office & mixed-use development

Creche landing

New tenants are entering the market. They are a few years old and are coming to the office with their parents

Ewa Andrzejewska
Green projects

Certified without sanction

Regulations on building energy performance certificates have already come into force. but that's all that's happened. They have not revolutionised the property market. Changes, however, are on their way. Will they make a difference this time?

Zuzanna Wiak
Eurobuild Awards

The bulls that saw off the bear

The see-saw on the Warsaw stock exchange is currently robbing investors of their sleep. But at the Eurobuild Awards Gala, we will reward the stock exchange bulls - the companies that have coped best on the Warsaw trading floor

Aneta Cichla

Questioning investor liability

The current number of bankruptcies in the construction sector has brought investors' liability towards bankrupt sub-contractors more into question. they usually operate in the same sector as the general contractor, but are provided with higher legal protection than the investor - who in fact should be treated more favourably

Małgorzata Chruściak, Agnieszka Ziółek

Never mind the Olympics

As the volleyball kicked off a thousand miles away on Horse Guards Parade in London within sight of big ben, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, even the Olympic athletes might have been envious about the location of an event taking place in Warsaw on August 2nd.

Nathan North

Unhappy snapping

Offices and shopping centres are private areas. And despite the fact that in most cases they are accessible to the public, those who are interested in architecture are not welcome

Radosław Górecki