Edition 3 (188) March 2014


Good because it’s Polish

Russian vodka is ok if you need to clean the oven. For drinking, it must henceforth be Polish – this is what the heart-throb and quite brilliant House MD actor Hugh Laurie recently tweeted, displaying his knowledge of one of our export goods. The ‘good because it’s Polish’ trademark could also be given to our commercial properties. Nowadays it is not only the representatives of German and Austrian funds that you can bump into in Warsaw, but also guests from America or China. How are local investors shaping up against this background? Do they deserve the ‘good because it’s Polish’ title?

Ewa Andrzejewska
Office & mixed-use development

Strong start to 2014

POLAND/CZECH REPUBLIC The year 2014 is set to be a time of new investment projects for Skanska. After selling office buildings in Wrocław and Warsaw, Skanska Property Poland is looking to buy land for new investments.

Tomasz Szpyt
Investment & finance

Coupling up

POLAND The top executives of the Polish State Railways (PKP) have recently been travelling (probably by train) from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra mountains in order to properly evaluate the investment potential of Polish railways and their surrounding areas.

Retail & leisure

Their time has come

POLAND These are tenants who do not complain – a rare characteristic on the retail market.

Aneta Cichla
Retail & leisure

Creative distance

CEE REGION Liebrecht & Wood would hate to be considered just another everyday real estate developer.

Alex Hayes and Nathan North

Door to the East

POLAND/UKRAINE Ukraine, it would seem, particularly after the recent turmoil in the country, is only for business people who enjoy high levels of adrenaline.

Zuzanna Wiak
Stock market report

Spring thaw

The beginning of 2014 saw a correction on the developed markets that had long been expected, because over the previous twelve months the indexes of the American and Japanese stock exchanges had risen by around 30 pct. Now hopes have been revived for growth on the bourses of emerging markets


The wind of optimism

Last year Poland and Russia ruled over the investment market of Central and Eastern Europe. Combined the two countries accounted for as much as 80 pct of the total value of the transactions in the region, which reached EUR 10 bln. This was, by the way, a highly successful period for the entire market. the value of transactions in the region increased by 31 pct over the year. The biggest jump was observed in the Czech Republic, where the volume exceeded EUR 1 bln – as much as 68 pct higher than a year earlier.

Investment & finance

An institution around here

The value of transactions in the Polish real estate sector has been growing, but not due to the input of domestic players. This situation could soon change – new initiatives are being set up to allow Polish capital to compete with foreign investors in the future

Aneta Cichla
Office & mixed-use development

From public to private

State-owned giant Polski Holding Nieruchomości, which holds assets estimated at over PLN 2.2 bln, is on the verge of completing its privatisation. As it does so, it is keeping up its efforts to offer products that are as attractive as possible for investors. We talk about the future of the company with its president, Artur Lebiedziński

Rafał Ostrowski
Retail & leisure

Youth and Experience

Marek Falenta, one of the top hundred richest Poles, has decided to invest in the property market on a larger scale. Together with Jarosław Fijałkowski, the former managing director of Parkridge CE in Poland, he is planning to take the retail, hotel and logistics sector by storm through the Real2B company. We discuss new projects and more with the founders of the firm

Ewa Andrzejewska, Aneta Cichla
Retail & leisure

Do it yourself

According to economic forecasts, GDP growth in Poland in 2014 is likely to be 2.5 pct and the mood of consumers is also expected to improve. The DIY store segment, which was hit by a slump in Poland in 2013, could now bounce back

Zuzanna Wiak
Warehouse & industrial

Redirecting the Amazon

The foundation stone ceremonies for all three projects to build Amazon’s polish warehouses have now taken place. It’s been a very different story, however, in the Czech Republic, where two projects announced at the same time as those in Poland have been stalled. a look at the progress so far and the road ahead for the schemes

Nathan North
Facility Management

What a waste

Facility managers have been trying to figure out how to manage refuse ecologically, effectively and cheaply. The obstacles include logistical problems, persistent bad habits and, more recently, tighter regulations

Rafał Ostrowski

Upwardly mobile

Mobile communication, WiFi-based sales support services, IT systems in real estate management and social media were all cited at the ‘Real Estate in the Era of New Media and Technologies’ conference as tools that are having an increasing impact on the real estate sector. This was the first conference on the significance of new IT and media to have been organised by Eurobuild Conferences. Judging by how warmly it was welcomed by those attending, we can expect more


Falling from Olympian heights

The Olympic Games in Sochi are certainly going down in the history books. Not so much for the sporting achievements on the mountain slopes or ice skating rinks, but because more significant records have been broken in the real estate sector

Rafał Ostrowski