The office bosses (208) March 2016


Offices surprising everyone

After the apocalyptical visions for the office market, and especially the Warsaw office market, depicted last year, the outlook for this market segment has slightly changed.

Tomasz Szpyt

Offices defy the gloom-mongers

Despite some apocalyptical visions depicted last year for the Polish office market, and the Warsaw office market in particular, the outlook for this market segment has slightly changed – particularly due to exceptional demand from tenants. While last year’s figures probably exceeded the rosiest expectations, the forecasts for this year are equally optimistic. Even though challenges will not be in short supply.


Positive Thinking

Jeroen Van der Toolen, Ghelamco’s CEE managing director, reveals his reasons for optimism about the Polish office market and draws the scope of the company’s future development.

Rafał Ostrowski

New market norms addressing new needs

Tenants are now increasingly looking for greater flexibility of the space occupied. They want to freely decide on expanding or abandoning some parts of the floor they take up during the lease term. The office market will always follow tenants and their needs. Tenants are the ones who set up market trends, in a natural way intertwined with the prevailing social trends.

Office standards

Improve your standards

What is the difference between the Class A, B and C office buildings? And why is setting benchmarks for office space so important to tenants and owners? Here is your own “How to design an office building: Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid or too busy to ask” handbook.


It is not our aim to surprise you

One good idea is what is needed to make a start in designing an office project. Marcin Sadowski, architect of the Jems Architekci architectural studio, tells us about what great office architecture actually means and what brings him the most satisfaction in desiging it.

Rafał Ostrowski