Edition 5 (210) May 2016


In line to the throne

Winter is coming! Don’t worry – I‘m not confused about the season; nor was I referring to the forecasts of frosty weather, to the despair of those who are leaving for the countryside for the long May weekend.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

Austrian giants to merge

EUROPE Immofinanz has entered into an agreement to take over another Austrian property company. It has acquired app. 26 pct of the share capital and voting rights of CA Immobilien Anlagen from O1 Group Limited. The transaction includes 25,690,163 bearer shares and four registered shares, each of which entitles its holder to delegate one member to CA Immo’s supervisory board.

Investment & finance

New captain onboard

Why did you decide to become the head of Liebrecht & Wood in Poland?

Interviewer: Tomasz Szpyt
Retail & leisure

Helios in new destinations

POLAND Cinema chain Helios is recently pursuing a very active development policy. The company will open multiplex cinemas in a number of shopping centres including Blue City in Warsaw, Galeria Vivo! in Stalowa Wola, Galeria Libero in Katowice and Galeria Tomaszów in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Aneta Cichla
Stock market report

Against the tide

The good mood on the markets, which started with the price growth in February and the first half of March, has continued into the early spring. Even though the growth was moderate, the fact that the status quo was maintained was good news for the owners of Polish shares – considering the looming risk factors


The 25-year-old start-up

Ghelamco Poland was established 25 years ago, since when it has completed more office space than any other developer in the country. And it is still aiming to keep its start-up spirit going. Jeroen van der Toolen, the CEE managing director of Ghelamco, speaks about the company’s flagship Warsaw Spire project as well as its plans for the future

Rafał Ostrowski

Lifting the threat of terror

The word ‘war’ and the fear it strikes into people have successfully prised open public and private purses for many years. Nowadays – and Poland is no exception – the same goes for the perceived terrorist threat. This is hardly surprising. BUT which security measures are worth considering?

Agata Kłapeć
Office & mixed-use development

Pretty vacant – but sitting pretty

100,000 sqm of empty offices were delivered to the Warsaw market over the first three months of 2016. However, market players insist that the growth was expected and will not last long

Tomasz Szpyt
Office & mixed-use development

Halls of precedence

Global investors spend billions of dollars on them every year. But in our part of Europe student accommodation is almost a non-existent topic

Rafał Ostrowski

Upper class but unlanded

New hotel chains are queuing up to enter Poland and those who are already present here are looking to grow. However, in order to have a hotel, you need somewhere to build it...

Anna Pakulniewicz

The weather for tomorrow

It’s the bloody traffic jam/demonstration/thieves/con-men/bible-bashing grannies/gender activists (delete as appropriate) again, I tell you... and what do you think about that new Biedronka supermarket?” At that moment, the passengers of 33 tram seemed to have completely stopped talking about the weather

Agata Kłapeć