Edition 9 (193) September 2014


Opportunity knocked

It started, as it so often does, quite innocently.

Investment & finance

Mars RE prepares new projects

The Nowy Świat 2.0 office building is now taking shape. But what has the progress been in terms of leasing the project?

Facility Management

Balmain in expansive mood

CEE REGION Balmain Asset Management has begun a new chapter in its history.

Agata Kłapeć
Stock market report

Optimism fades

As the stand-off between the West and Russia became increasingly tense over July and August, the period saw some of the biggest adjustments on the developed stock markets of the last three years. This also had a knock-on effect on the Warsaw trading floor, where the WIG20 fell to the level of 2,300 points, while the industry indexes for construction and development companies plummeted even further.


Endurance in the East

With the news of yet another escalation in Russo-Ukrainian tensions, Russian real estate market players have good reasons to worry. after troubling H1 market figures, the main concern for investors and developers is how long and deep the crisis is going to be

Rafał Ostrowski

Vacant, but still pretty?

The office markets of Central and Eastern Europe are once again attracting the attention of investors. Despite the fact that the situation in each of the capital cities is different, there is one common factor – high vacancy rates

Tomasz Szpyt
Investment & finance

Finger on the pulse

Last year Invesco Real Estate purchased one property in Poland: Galeria Kazimierz for EUR 180 mln. This year it will finalise another two transactions in the country. Anna Duchnowska, the director of the newly-established Polish branch of the company, tells us about its strategy and plans for the market


The plot thickens

Residential developers have recently announced a number of large land purchases in Warsaw, while in Prague the demand for residential development sites now considerably exceeds the supply. Therefore ‘Eurobuild CEE’ has decided to take a closer look at the situation on the land market

Aneta Cichla, Nathan North

Volleyed into the record books

“JLL’s annual initiative for raising funds for children in need is quite simply fantastic. I am very happy that the commercial real estate community has put their hands in their pockets for this very deserving cause once again. See you next year!” This was the ecstatic response of Jarosław Wnuk, the head of CEE transactions and portfolio management at Goodman, when asked to describe the July event. The tournament and party was attended by 1,000 people, including 224 contestants in 32 teams


To build the unimaginable

These days, even before the shape of a building project has been drawn out we know the green standards it will meet. JUST 30 years ago mANY of the solutions now BEING used in construction were beyond not only the technical capabilities but also the imaginations of builders. So why is it still the case that despite technology’s onward march, somebody has to lose out for someone else to be a success?

Agata Kłapeć