Edition 3 (218) March 2017


Which island are you?

“This is an island age. ALL men are islands. And I like to think I’m Ibiza!”

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

Colossal plans for a colossal market

RUSSIA Ikea Russia is planning to build several new shopping centres, extend existing ones and, thanks to this, add several projects to its network of some of the biggest malls in Europe. The company is also to modernise their interiors and food courts and create a chain of Ikea stand-alone stores.

Anna Pakulniewicz
Retail & leisure

The cats that got the CREAM

Some personnel reshuffling has recently taken place in your company. Your position – head of the commercialisation department – has been taken over by Michał Małecki. What is the reason for this?

Interviewer: Ewa Andrzejewska

Living on the crest of the wave

POLAND In 2016 residential developers broke their own records, as sales skyrocketed in the final quarter of the year. This year is also expected to be another excellent one. However, it looks like 2018 and 2019 will bring about... well, what exactly? A decline? An adjustment? Normalisation?

Tomasz Cudowski
Warehouse & industrial

Savills goes industrial

Savills’ warehouse department has been expanded. It’s no secret that you have left JLL and you are building your operations in a new area virtually from scratch. What did you start with?

Interviewer: Ewa Andrzejewska
Warehouse & industrial

Brighter prospects for CEE manufacturing

CEE The Polish Investment and Trade Agency – a government agency responsible for helping investors to enter the Polish market – has announced that it supported EUR 1.7 bln of foreign investment in 2016, which is twice as much as in 2015.

Property management

Time for property compliance

A new compliance division has been set up by the property management department at Knight Frank to focus on ‘optimising the control of formal, legal and financial processes undertaken by property managers on behalf of property owners’. You are also adding to your services a compliance audit devised for investors interested in property acquisition and tenants who would like to verify the terms of their contracts during the lease negotiations. What inspired you to introduce the new service?

Interviewer: Tomasz Cudowski
Stock market report

No correction needed

Donald Trump rules the USA, the Brexit process will officially get underway in a few weeks, the EU is at a crossroads and Russia is feeling more and more confident on the Eastern frontiers of Europe. A year ago such a scenario would have led analysts to forecast a collapse on the global stock exchanges. However, the beginning of 2017 has actually been very good for investors – and in the case of the WSE it has even been excellent


Cards on the table

Time saving, budget optimisation and greater freedom for the investor are some of the main advantages of open book contracts

Rafał Ostrowski
Country focus

Making it in Minsk

It begins 200 km east of Warsaw. It is home to almost 300,000 Poles and it is an exceptionally absorbent market with seemingly endless possibilities. And the economic crisis that has been afflicting Belarus for the last few years now seems to be coming to an end

Tomasz Cudowski
Investment & finance

Take VAT!

The tax you needed to pay in Poland when selling a commercial property had been relatively straightforward for around a decade. Then the revenue office swung into action in H2 2016 and sent the market into something of a panic. However, the experts argue that the tax you need to pay is not that significant as long as it is clear what and why you actually need to pay

Tomasz Szpyt-Grzegórski
Investment & finance

Exit Britain... enter Poland?

There has been no end to the discussion about the possible impact of Brexit on the global and European economy since last June, when the Brits voted to leave the EU in a referendum. We ask the ExPerts whether, in their opinion, Brexit has already had any effect on the Polish real estate market and what its repercussions are likely to be when it finally takes place. Provided it does

Tomasz Cudowski
Retail & leisure

Easy rider

Rafał Sonik, the head of Gemini Holding and one of the most unconventional personalities on the real estate market, reveals not only some of the secrets behind a successful retail project, but also of the sports challenges he faces

Anna Pakulniewicz
Human resources

Spreading their wings

Monika Rajska-Wolińska and Robert Karniewski of Colliers International Poland tell us on its 20th anniversary about its beginnings and successes, the opportunities they sought out, how they celebrated their triumphs and coped with crises, where they see their company in the future, and the role that grapefruit played in their story



Have you ever wondered why men often look so… unfocused when you see them shopping in large stores? I mean, literally out-of-focus, as though their silhouettes were blurred?

Tomasz Cudowski