Edition 6 (259) June 2021


Waiting for change

For just over a year I’ve been following with some dread the news coming out of Belarus and watching in horror as yet another independent media outlet is closed as journalists are intimidated or arrested. All through this, I’ve been reminded of the first time I was there, 30 years ago.

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Taking the plunge

The shake-up of the real estate market post-Covid has led some developers to shift their focus. One of of these is Develia, which is turning to the residential and PRS markets. We spoke to Tomasz Wróbel, a member of the management board, on what the company is planning to sell and where it’s now casting its eye.

Small talk

Fast and flexible mover

Yotam Alroy, the co-founder and CBO of shared office space operator Mindspace, tells us what his company is adding to the flex market in the post-pandemic world – and about the new addition to his family.

Small talk

German funds itching to travel again

Greenberg Traurig has been a pioneer in bringing Anglo-Saxon legal practices to Germany and Poland. Radomił Charzyński, a partner of the law firm, explains how Roman and Viking approaches have also helped him in running the company.

Stock market report

Hotter and hotter

As spring moves into summer, more optimism can definitely be scented on the breeze – the economy is growing again and has been regaining some of its former vigour. Central bank policy is still encouraging investment on the stock exchange. And consumers (especially in the US) have taken a liking to holding their savings in stocks and shares. In Poland, the WIG is inching ever closer back towards its historic high, while the WIG Nieruchomości sub-market has unexpectedly become the main beneficiary of new government support for home buyers


The power of concentration

There are currently 640 residential developers active in Poland’s six largest cities. But a wave of consolidation now seems inevitable as the market matures

Rafał Ostrowski

Reaching their destination

Echo Investment, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is not slowing down with its expansion plans. The company has just bought Wrocław-based residential developer Archicom and – as Echo’s CEO Nicklas Lindberg reveals – the company still has an appetite for more


Come together – right now

This year a month doesn’t seem have gone by without news of a takeover bid or merger involving major real estate companies active in our region. But is this a temporary phenomenon caused by end-of-pandemic volatility – or the resumption of a longer-term trend?

Nathan North
Office & mixed-use development

Time to talk shop

Although most office complexes today could be described as mixed-use centres with a few shops and services on the lower floors, there are some with a much larger retail component. How is what was once a marriage made in heaven likely to fare in the post-Covid reality?

Alex Hayes
Human resources

Working like a dog

Around three years ago, ‘Eurobuild’ looked into the benefits (and complications) of bringing pets into work. This was an idea that was just being tentatively broached at that time, but since then (and the pandemic) have attitudes been transformed towards animals in the office?

Magdalena Rachwald

Going absolutely rental

Although the trend with younger generations is to rent apartments rather than own them, the pandemic has nevertheless put an end to the sky-rocketing demand for PRS, particularly in the largest cities. Both institutional investors and individual apartment owners are now locked into a fierce battle to attract tenants. But what’s the best strategy to take?

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
The Expert Eye

Three steps to energy cost heaven

Cooling technology is undergoing a revolution, making it possible to make energy savings of up to 45 pct. There are so many different systems that settling on any particular one has become rather confusing

Maurycy Szwajkajzer, the CEO of SZE

Late night on Twitter…

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok (to name but a few) – there’s almost no end of sites on which you can post your social media CV. For a journalist they are also excellent platforms for advertising yourself and your work. With the print version of the text, you can often just skip past the name. But social media encourages you to look at the picture and the author’s name. Maybe the time has come to make more use of this?

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska