Edition 1 (265) January 2022


Well-being for one and all!

I’m probably not the first person to wish you this, but… Happy New Year! I hope you only meet good people and that both your personal and professional lives are successful. Maybe you don’t think this is possible? Well, just read this little story...

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

E (and SG) equals MDC2

MDC², a new player in the warehouse market, has only been up-and-running for a few months and has already made a few notable investment deals. It also has a new chief development officer, Maciej Madejak, who tells us all about it and why he has joined the company.

Small talk

The ball is in our court

The shopping centre segment was hit particularly hard by the pandemic, but as it slowly recovers, what shape is it going to take going into the future? We asked a realistic but optimistic Anna Malcharek, the managing director of Gemini Holding and vice-president of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres (PRCH), for the answers.

Small talk

One man and his firm, went to sow a meadow

Flower meadows are not just a nice addition to improve the aesthetics of an office, warehouse or residential development. Nor do they just provide vital support for the local natural environment. They are also cost-effective and can add monetary value to the project, as Karol Podyma, the owner of urban meadow developer Łąki Kwietne, explains...

Stock market report

Happy days are here to stay?

The end of 2021 had a bitter-sweet taste to it. Despite the pandemic, all the uncertainty, the share price turbulence and the return of the spectre of inflation, it was a very good year for the Warsaw Stock Exchange. However, at the same time issues have been building up, with inflation being the most serious of these. This means that the forecasts for 2022 are not quite as optimistic. But predicting anything in the present circumstances is rather tricky…


A whole site better

Working on a building site is in many ways a bit like being in the army: Hard toil and discomfort are part of the job. But even so, the well-being of construction workers may finally now be coming into focus

Rafał Ostrowski
Urban planning

When ‘Oranje’ actually means ‘extremely green’

The goal for the Dutch economy is to become completely circular by 2050, but some of the solutions used to achieve this in the country’s real estate sector are already generating respect and even admiration

Tomasz Cudowski
Retail & leisure

Retail becomes less hyper

Carrefour’s had quite a ride over this past year, and I’m not talking about the pandemic. Over 2021, the retailer was in talks with its rival Auchan about a merger. These were said to be rather complex and fraught with competition issues, but in the end they fell through when the Moulin family, which holds a controlling interest in Carrefour, apparently opposed the deal on financial grounds

Alex Hayes
Retail & leisure

Life after Tesco

In October 2021, the last Tesco store in Poland closed its doors for good – after 25 years, the grocery chain had finally ended its operations in Poland. Many of its former locations have been converted by Salling Group into Netto stores, but this isn’t the only chain to move into premises vacated by the British retailer

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska

The dorm of a new era

As private student accommodation has started to appear in Poland, the demand for this product continues to outstrip the supply. Even though the returns are a little lower than for more standard PRS projects, investors still regard the segment as a good way to diversify their portfolios

Magdalena Rachwald

Upbeat and in-person

Eurobuild’s annual convention is the oldest event of its kind in Poland. One year ago it entered the second quarter-century of its history. However, on that occasion the conference had to be held online. So it should come as no surprise that when we were finally all able to meet again in the flesh on November 25th, 2021 in the Warsaw Radisson hotel, the general mood had quite clearly improved. And so had the forecasts


Absolutely pre-fabulous

I’ve just spent the last three months in search of a studio apartment, where, for the very first time in my life, I’m planning to live alone. Some people in my situation would now be dreaming of extensive wardrobes and others of marble-topped kitchens…

Julia Cudowska