Edition 6 (279) June 2023


Not just a business mixer

I have to admit, with a soupçon of regret, that I never made it as a chef. My presence in the kitchen at home is rather sporadic and usually only happens by chance. If, in a moment of madness, I decide to make a salad, any guests would probably find a piece of my finger in the middle of it. However, I am peerless when it comes to liquidising and freezing strawberries. And the season for doing this has just begun!

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Trusted partners

Despite being established in the midst of the pandemic, Harden Construction has nonetheless managed to carve out a considerable niche for itself. Paweł Fiuczek, the managing director, and Łukasz Kozerski, the operating director, tell us how the difficult circumstances surrounding its birth have only contributed to making it the strong operator that it is today

Small talk

On the crest of a wave

As Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot continue to make their mark on the Polish real estate map, we spoke to Mariusz Wiśniewski, the senior director of transaction and advisory services as well as the head of the TriCity office of CBRE Poland about the situation in one of Poland’s key geographical growth areas

Small talk

The best way out is a good exit

A few days before Develia announced a EUR 100 mln deal to acquire the Polish operations of French residential developer, we spoke to the Polish company’s business development advisor Karol Dzięcioł about the next moves in its expansion plans

Small talk

I, real estate robot

With AI now capable of composing essays, writing songs and creating pictures of Marilyn Monroe riding unicorns in the style of Picasso, we thought it was about time it was put to use in analysing the real estate market. And although it's only capable of giving us a picture of how things are on the property scene up to September 2021, ChatGPT was still able to provide a credible overview. So, it's over to our future overlord, who was in a thankfully benign mood towards its eventual human slaves when we spoke to it...

Stock market report

Fog in the spring

The optimism of March and April had weakened somewhat by May, but overall the mood still remained positive over the last few weeks. All the indices on the Warsaw Stock Exchange went up over the period. However, around the world questions remain unanswered about the depth of the economic slowdown (or in some cases, the recession) and how central banks are going to react to this

Human resources

Firing up the neurodiversity

It should already have become obvious to everyone that nobody should be excluded on the grounds of their sex, race, sexual orientation, age or religion. Now the time has come for the neuroatypical

Anna Zamyłka

The courage to find new roads

Sławomir Gajewski, the CEO of Torus, speaks exclusively to ‘Eurobuild’ about the changing office market as well as the company’s ambitious development plans, its latest projects, and the unusual process for the eventual handover of the company’s reins

Tomasz Cudowski
Retail & leisure

Heritage cuisine

Restaurants, bars, pubs and cosmopolitan food halls are able to draw in the punters as much as the best tourist attractions. Many are now being opened in trendy revitalisation projects, which poses some additional challenges for their investors

Magda Rachwald
Warehouse locations

Brown is the new green

The main advantages of brownfield sites include their excellent locations and access to infrastructure. They can thus be tempting for warehouse developers, but such projects can sometimes be challenging

Julia Cudowska
The Expert Eye

Does thickness matter?

Rising electricity and gas prices, and the resulting increase in operating costs, are currently among the most important challenges facing the warehouse sector. However, a key role in optimising utility costs can be played by the insulation of buildings

Marcin Czerniewski, Prologis

From bust to boom

The hotel industry was naturally hit hard by the pandemic, when it had to struggle to survive due to travel restrictions and temporary closures. With all that now behind us, how has the sector now recovered?

Alex Hayes

Never mind the balconies

I love watching people from my window. I like to observe other people’s habits and everyday rituals, I even like to eavesdrop on their conversations in cafés, although I know this is a reprehensible habit

Anna Zamyłka