Edition 11 (175) November 2012


A mixture to be swallowed by investors

It was the beginning of the 1990s and capitalism was taking root in the land of the Vistula. Poles were just getting used to the colourful world of advertising. Who among us does not remember the famous Procter & Gamble ad that promoted two-in-one products? Vidal Sassoon, the famous hair stylist who died only a few months ago, and who - some say - changed the world with a pair of scissors, also introduced us to Wash & Go shampoo and conditioner

Ewa Andrzejewska
Office & mixed-use development

Developing new roles

OLAND "If an investor comes to us and says they have a problem, we simply solve it," declares Maciej Gołębiewski, the leasing and marketing director for developer Avestus Real Estate. The company is also in charge of the commercialisation of the Wilanów Office Park project in Warsaw's Wilanów district, which is being carried out by another developer, Polnord. Lipiński Passage - a renovated tenement building in the heart of Warsaw - provides another example. The owner of the office property, the German-based Union Investment fund, has ended its cooperation with Savills and chosen a developer, S+B Gruppe, to complete the leasing process. Is this normal behaviour?

Ewa Andrzejewska
Retail & leisure

The maturing of Mayland

It is no secret in the sector that Mayland Real Estate has been underoging some changes. What kind of changes have been made?

Aneta Cichla
Stock market report

Wave of optimism from outside Europe

Recent decisions taken by central banks have improved the look of the global stock indexes. American bourses have had particularly good results. Last month was not as successful for Warsaw trading, even though the growth absent for many months could finally be seen in the construction sector


A profitable mix

ffices, shopping, apartments and a dash of culture. Combining different functions in one project could be the way to go in these hard times - so claim the supporters of such projects. However, the reality is not so rosy

Ewa Andrzejewska

Marriage of convenience

A hotel can provide security and stable income but is, however, a demanding partner. As a potential suitor, a shopping centre has many assets and can woo the hotel with the promise of a successful relationship. The partnership can be both workable and attractive - a marriage made in heaven?

Aneta Cichla
Retail & leisure

Customers on the go

What's this dirty, grey, crumbling monstrosity? In the old days the usual answer would have been the local railway or bus station. But nowadays retail developers have spotted the potential of such locations and are combining the stations with shopping centres

Aneta Cichla
Warehouse & industrial

The twilight zones

Apart from lowering unemployment, attracting investment, increasing tax revenues, improving infrastructure... what have the Special Economic Zones ever done for us? And specifically, for developers? Actually, this is rather a good question

Nathan North
Human resources

The mergers of large consulting companies has resulted in the birth of new players

Last year saw the consolidation of a number of real estate consultancies in what was heralded as the consolidation of the market. There were supposed to be fewer global corporations but better organised and even more powerful... so what happened?

Alex Hayes
Eurobuild Awards

Mall is beautiful?

Guests at the Eurobuild Awards gala will for the second time be choosing the best, in their view, architectural design of the year. The winner will be announced in a vote held during this year's event from a list of nominees shortlisted by the jury

Eurobuild CEE

Profitably green

One winter's afternoon a beautiful lady decked out in furs was taking a walk and encountered some members of Greenpeace. "Are you not ashamed to wear fur ripped off live minks?" they ask her. "It's not mink, it's polyester," she retorts. "So do you know how many polyesters had to die for you to wear that fur coat?!"

Zuzanna Wiak

German revival lifts the mood

The strong investor focus on the German market, the relatively small but consistent strengthening of Poland's position, and... football dominated the discussions at this year's Expo Real fair in Munich

Ewa Andrzejewska

Whip-round for a skyscraper

For the last couple of years or so, whenever two real estate players have met up for a chat, the topic they always seem to end up discussing has been that of how to obtain funding for projects. How can the money needed for a project be secured without any help from the banks or investment funds? Well, now we can reveal to you another way that might just work...

Radosław Górecki