Edition 5 (180) May 2013


Making it to the top

The introduction of the euro currency in 2002, the enlargement of the European Union in 2004 (the accession of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) and 2007 (Romania and Bulgaria), the attempts to agree on a response to global warming, the record level of investment transactions in Eastern Europe in 2006, the global financial crisis after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and the crisis in the countries of the eurozone - these are a few of the last ten years' ten macroeconomic events that have had the biggest impact on the economy and the property market in Europe, according to Colliers International.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

Joining the 'A' list

POLAND Warsaw is one of the top ten capital cities in Europe when it comes to the annual transaction volume on the investment market. In 2012 it was one of top ten markets in the world, only behind such cities as London, Sydney and Berlin. So is Warsaw really one of the world's leading cities?

Radosław Górecki

A tale of two new districts

POLAND Ten years ago, all that could be found in the fields of the Wilanów area of Warsaw were weeds and wild strawberries. At that time, Prokom Investments (the owner of the 169 ha site) was finalising the first few agreements with its partners. Since then, thousands of apartments have been developed in what subsequently came to be known as Miasteczko Wilanów.

Zuzanna Wiak
Stock market report

Sub-indexes in a tailspin

Western stock exchanges have now made up for the losses they incurred between 2007 and 2009 and are at pre-credit crunch levels, but the WSE indexes are still only half-way there. This situation is not being made any easier by the slowdown in the Polish economy


The green shoots of retail

Developers and asset managers appear to be embracing environmental standards for malls, but despite all the progress the market is still only just beginning to change, with the tenants bringing up the rear

Alex Hayes
Investment & finance

Quality, not quantity

Cushman & Wakefield has been making some changes at the top recently and is soon to have a new managing director for Poland, Charles Taylor. on a visit to poland before he takes up his new position here, We asked him about the changes to both the company and the market for real estate services

Nathan North
Investment & finance

The organic man

Jones Lang LaSalle has also been shuffling its top brass across the region. Almost two years after the company's merger with King Sturge, we spoke to Tomasz Trzósło, the new managing director and head of capital markets for Poland about whether this merger was a success and what the changes mean

Nathan North
Retail & leisure

Street life

Can traditional shops pose a threat to shopping centres? Asking this question usually makes a lot of property market specialists laugh. We all know that high streets have been dying. Or do we?

Radosław Górecki
Retail & leisure

The masters of the retail-verse

He knows the retail market inside out. He's an expert on building shopping centres and relations with tenants. He also believes that there is no crisis on the market. Jan Mroczka, the president of the board of Rank Progress, tells us about the company's business plans and the problems facing the sector

Aneta Cichla
Retail & leisure

Which way to the cashier?

Turnover rent is a controversial issue - it was supposed to provide additional profit and guarantee the leasing of a shopping centre, but then the internet and the credit crunch came along. Are online sales reducing the turnovers of centres? Or perhaps it is the owners who are shooting themselves in the foot?

Aneta Cichla

Rooms for growth

Hospitality is one sector that seems to be doing fine and sailing safely across the stormy waters of the global economy. Or at least it was difficult not to come away with this impression from this year's meeting of the industry, organised by Eurobuild Conferences

Rafał Ostrowski

Thesis and antithesis

The view that we are at the bottom of the rent cycle so things can only get better, against the theory that the economic slowdown is becoming more pronounced: two different worlds and development visions of the office market in Poland were up for discussion at this year's Office Market Conference


It could be you

Whenever there is a big win on the national lottery, we wonder what we would do if it had been us picking up the cheque. so i asked my editorial colleagues: What would you do if you won a record jackpot of around PLN 30 mln?

Zuzanna Wiak