Edition 4 (189) April 2014


Time to buy a mini

I’ve been having trouble recently getting the words of Polish pop band Czarno-Czarni out of my head: “I want to see your legs, I want you to wear a miniskirt.” These are among the lyrics to their 1998 hit ‘Legs’.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

Palmer Capital comes to Poland

POLAND UK-based Palmer Capital has recently announced a 50:50 joint venture with Warburg Henderson to set up the Central European Retail Fund. This particular fund is to target institutional funds and intends to invest app. EUR 250 mln in retail properties across Poland and the Czech Republic.

Alex Hayes
Investment & finance

The era of stability

POLAND The recent events beyond our eastern borders have demonstrated that political factors are once again creating an unstable climate in our region – and this also has an impact on the real estate market. This time, however, Poland is viewed as one of Europe’s stable markets. There has been no evidence of any outflow of capital – a sign that the Polish market, which took a couple of decades to build, has matured and is considered to be safe, even though it still offers higher returns compared to western Europe.

Tomasz Szpyt

New contracts for Skanska

POLAND Dolne Miasto in Gdańsk, the Pod Dębami marketplace in Słubice, the extension of the Oborniki Centrum Rekreacji recreational centre, the Innovational Medicine Forum in the Oncology Centre in Bydgoszcz and the Kronopol factory... the list is long and all the projects are to be developed by Skanska.

Rafał Ostrowski
Stock market report

In the shadow of conflict

The turmoil in Ukraine, which put the brakes on the growth on the Polish indexes in February, is holding its grip on investors’ minds and wallets, whose aversion to dramatically increased risk was particularly evident on the trading floors of the emerging markets


Putin and predictability

Despite the grave political situation that has engulfed the country, this still looks like being another record year for development on the Ukrainian market. In Kyiv alone, 400,000 sqm of shopping centre space is expected to be delivered, which is three and a half times more than last year and four times more than two years ago. It would probably be party time for developers and investors, if it were not for the uncertainty hanging over Ukraine and the entire region

Rafał Ostrowski
Retail & leisure

A particular brand of welcome

Sports Direct, Celio, Bobbi Brown, Armani Jeans and Louis Vuitton – these are only a few of over 20 international brands that made their debuts in Polish shopping centres in 2013. And now more newcomers from abroad could be attracted here by a new franchising idea for smaller towns

Aneta Cichla
Retail & leisure

Minis still in fashion

The trend for developing mini shopping centres started a few years ago and has now moved into a new gear. more of such facilities are appearing On the Polish market – as well as companies who want to build them. A summary of who is building where, whether it is profitable and what the future might hold for smaller scale retail

Aneta Cichla, Tomasz Szpyt
Office & mixed-use development

Storing zettabytes

The IT revolution has given birth to a new segment of the real estate market: so-called data centres or server buildings. this sector is in still in its infancy, but in our part of Europe the prospects are most encouraging

Tomasz Szpyt
Human resources

Pressed, stressed and assessed

These days job applicants have learnt how to fire out the answers to questions like well-primed machines. As a result, it is not any easier to evaluate them. This is why companies are increasingly looking at non-standard recruitment techniques to find the right candidate

Rafał Ostrowski

Silver (crisis-free) jubilee

The 25th MIPIM fair in Cannes was in no way a disappointment. In contrast to last year’s event, nobody got stuck at the airport with flights being cancelled due to snow storms. In fact, the French Riviera resort was able to welcome the participants with beautiful sunny weather. Despite the turmoil in Ukraine the mood at the fair was very upbeat. Nevertheless, the presence of Russian companies was certainly diminished. outside the Moscow tent a protest was held against Putin’s policies


To overcome the stairs and... yourself

As many as 37 floors, 836 steps and 76 landings had to be covered by those who entered the run to the top of the Rondo 1 office tower in Warsaw on March 15th. but These numbers did not scare them away – quite the opposite, in fact. Over 500 stair-running enthusiasts attended the charity event


Accident and design

The Pritzker Prize has once again gone to Japan. This time, however, it has been awarded for reasons other than architectural innovation alone. Shigeru Ban was presented with the award not only for his excellent designs, but also for engaging his knowledge, time and talent to help people in need, using innovative tools and techniques to put noble ideals into practice

Tomasz Szpyt