Edition 12 (264) December 2021


The Christmas tree is on fire!

At the end of last year, Yura Schevtchuk of Russian punk band DDT sang: “Crossing ourselves, we say goodbye to 2020 – and now we can breathe and write poetry again.”. He wasn’t the only one to believe that magically, as midnight chimed on December 31st, everything would once again return to normal or at least stabilise

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Shopping centres bounce back

As retail recovers from a serious case of Covid, Eurobuild spoke to Justyna Kur, the vice-president and managing director for real estate of Apsys Polska, about how the shopping centre market has been reshaped and where it goes from here

Small talk

Shed loads of optimism

As P3 Logistic Parks celebrates its 20th birthday, Eurobuild spoke to Bartłomiej Hofman, P3’s managing director, about whether the warehouse sector can keep on booming and the fresh challenges it faces as it goes from strength-to-strength

Stock market report

The return of inflation

As October turned into November, the construction and real estate sub-markets on the WSE were falling like autumn leaves. The main indexes also slipped back, but not to the same extent. This is, unfortunately, the mark of an emerging market that has much fewer stable indexes than those in developed countries


The Berlin syndrome

Apartments and rents in the German capital are now becoming too expensive for most people. These are problems that Warsaw might also have to face in the not-too-distant future

Rafał Ostrowski
Office & mixed-use development

Flexed for the future

Flex and coworking space were, even before the pandemic, being heralded as an important new addition to the office market and as representing, in some ways, the way forward for the sector. But how has the flex segment been impacted by the switch to home-working since the first lockdown was imposed? And what has it been doing to attract companies and their employees back as the new reality dawns?

Nathan North
Green projects

ESG in the DNA

ESG is becoming an important part of how warehouse and industrial companies operate – and not only through caring for the environment and local communities. ESG is also about looking after the health of a company, its finances and the long-term profitability of its projects

Magdalena Rachwald
Urban planning

Linear thinking

Green urban corridors of up to several kilometres in length are becoming ever more common as relaxation and recreation areas. Linear parks were first conceived in the 19th century, but now they are beginning to snake out across Polish cities

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
The Expert Eye

Enter the renter?

Looking back at what has happened on the residential market over 2021, several clear trends are evident. Above all, there has been a massive residential boom, with a record number of building permits granted and project launches for such projects. But the prices for homes, plots and building materials have also all risen

Katarzyna Lipka and Karolina Furmańska, Cushman & Wakefield

Face-to-face in a happy place

You could feel the energy surging through the discussion panels at the 17th CEE Warehouse and Logistics Conference. The market is in great shape and business – despite a few small question marks – is looking to the future with a great deal of optimism

Rafał Ostrowski

Keeping a civil tongue

With all the wishes people are going to be making for the coming year, I want to talk about just one – that we somehow finally learn how to talk to one other

Rafał Ostrowski