Edition 3 (266) March 2022


A date to remember

Normally, days like this one are quite amusing. As I’m writing, today’s date (22.02.2022) is both a palindrome and an ambigram. It reads identically from back-to-front as well as upside-down (providing you’ve got the right font). Numbers like these give us an opportunity to show children that maths is neither boring nor difficult and isn’t just about fractions and solving simultaneous equations.

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

The evolution of the Griffin

Griffin managing partner duo Maciej Dyjas and Nebil Senman explain why the recent name-change and rebranding of the asset management company is more than just window-dressing and makes perfect sense

Small talk

Built on trust

Pawel Sapek, the regional head of Prologis, on how why the company is as proud of its ESG, well-being and ethics credentials as it is of its success on the warehouse market

Small talk

Care for the community

Daniel Draga, the president of Cavatina, tells us about a momentous year for the Polish developer, when despite the pandemic it listed on the Catalyst exchange... and also about his passion for the piano

Stock market report

Wobbly start to the year

With the fear of inflation and the first interest rate hikes in years, as well as all uncertainty surrounding the Russia-Ukraine situation, it has been a rather weak beginning to 2022 on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In the middle of January the indices lost almost 10 pct, with only the real estate sector suffering a slightly smaller fall


Pumping up the volumes

If you’ve been regularly reading the news on Eurobuild CEE’s website, you would have almost certainly noticed the recent dramatic upsurge in real estate investment activity. an industrial portfolio, an office building or a retail park has been changing hands almost every day

Nathan North

Romania in the spotlight

The Romanian economy clearly appears to be rebounding after the disruption caused by Covid-19. and most analysts seem to be genuinely bullish for the real estate market’s prospects

Alex Hayes
Warehouse & industrial

Dark stores with a bright future

‘Dark stores’ – that you cannot even enter – are now appearing in many Polish towns and cities. They’re populating what is still a small but growing niche, both when it comes to the retail market and urban real estate

Magdalena Rachwald
Retail & leisure

Żabka springs into new sectors

Andrzej Potyra, head of the Żabka Property Fund, tells ‘Eurobuild’ about the debut of the chain as an investor in logistics centres, about buying up small shops for franchisees, and about constructing new stores using modular technology

Retail & leisure

The wind is back in their sales

Retail is now flourishing again despite the continuing impact of the pandemic, as small retail parks and new warehouses dominate the scene – reports Cushman & Wakefield in its review of the market last year

Ewa Derlatka-Chilewicz, Beata Kokeli, Cushman & Wakefield
Green projects

Making a place in the sun

A lot has actually changed over the last few years. With the rising price of energy, the returns to be made on investing in solar panels could be achieved within just a few years. Such installations are now not just worn as badges to show off a company’s environmentally-friendly credentials (even though they are always happy to advertise such virtues) – it’s also very profitable to have them up-and-running.

Rafał Ostrowski

Accessing the right solution

Wheelchair ramps and parking places for the handicapped have already become commonplace in buildings, as have wide entrances, flat surfaces, signs in contrasting colours and toilets for the disabled. Now it’s time for accessibility toilets

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska

Happier hoteliers?

Another difficult year for the hotel market has come to an end. But the hospitality sector is resilient and always has the potential to bounce back – according to the ‘Hotel market in the largest cities in Poland. Annual report 2021’ by Hotel Professionals, which ‘Eurobuild CEE’ has been granted the exclusive rights to publish


A very raw new deal

Polski Ład – the new Polish Deal (the latest raft of tax reforms) – is already making it more difficult for smaller real estate investors to operate, while the work on the regulations that are to govern FINNs (the Polish equivalent of REITs) remains frozen. Is this the end of investment leasing in Poland?

Marta Piękna-Kucharska

Residential roulette

Many of my colleagues have written Endpiece columns describing their trials and tribulations when it comes to finding an apartment on the stormy seas of the open market. I, too, could write this article on exactly the same topic, as due to a sudden change in my circumstances, I found myself temporarily homeless…

Alex Hayes