Edition 12 (186) December 2013


Dreams and realty

According to Polish tradition, animals can speak with human voices on the night of Christmas Eve. What if this was true? What would the animals who live with people working in the real estate sector say? December is a special time – and so is the December issue of ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine. So we decided to find out the answer to this mystery.

Radosław Górecki

Paws for thought

As usual, in the first eleven months of the year we filled the pages of the ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine with the comments of real estate experts. This month, however, we are making an exception. For Christmas Eve we have given their pets the chance to go on the record instead

Zuzanna Wiak
Investment & finance

Spreading their wings

POLAND Three large warehouse projects are currently being planned by Katowice-based company DL Invest Group: DL Invest Park Psary/Czeladź, DL Invest Park Dąbrowa Górnicza and DL Invest Park Siewierz. The complexes will eventually offer a total of over 800,000 sqm of logistics space. However, the activities of DL Invest Group do not end with warehouse projects.

Aneta Cichla
Warehouse & industrial

PointPark doubles its fun

Prague-based warehouse developer PointPark Properties (P3) was recently bought by two global companies – TPG and Ivanhoe Cambridge – in a deal finalised in October. You currently own 1.46 mln sqm of warehouse space across Europe, but now you have announced that you intend to double that amount. How much time do you give yourself to achieve the goal of doubling your portfolio? How much will it cost and do you think this will be easy to achieve?

Rafał Ostrowski

Orbis drops anchor on the Baltic

BALTIC STATES Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are among the fastest growing economies in Europe once again. This is why the Orbis hotel group has plans to open one or two hotels in each of these countries.


The building that wasn’t there

POLAND A unique building – an exhibition hall hidden under a garden-meadow – is to be built in a unique spot: the historic Royal Łazienki park in Warsaw.

Radosław Górecki
Stock market report

Bouncing back from the brink

After the US finally managed to head off a fiscal crisis, the stock exchanges continued to grow supported by central banks, which kept costs down and also maintained the flow of money into the financial markets


Mickey Mouse projects

The recent bankruptcy of the EUR 700 mln Adventure World Warsaw development represents another lost opportunity for the CEE region to see the birth of its first long-awaited Disneyland style complex. Although a surprising new wave of mega projects is now appearing on the horizon, will any of these massive investments actually see the light of day?

Rafał Ostrowski

To sell a lifestyle

An interesting duel is taking place in Warsaw. Two exclusive skyscrapers have been built in close proximity to one another in the city centre. Each offers nearly 250 apartments. The winner of this tussle will be one that manages to sell them all first – but who are the buyers going to be?

Radosław Górecki
Green projects

Sustainability with room service

All the big hotel chains have made clear commitments to pursue ecological goals, but confusion reigns on the market with little or no standardisation

Alex Hayes
Human resources

The big pay off

Another year is drawing to a close. the real estate market is now slowly emerging from its post-crisis stagnation, With The first signs of a revival to be seen in the traffic on the job market. Even though this still can’t be compared to its heyday of 2006–2007, the volume of real estate personnel is once again expanding

Aneta Cichla
Eurobuild Awards

In taxing times

Every year both the little and the bigger ones look forward to December. The little ones wait for the first star and Father Christmas with his sack full of presents. But the slightly older ones are waiting for something else – the most important event on the property market

Zuzanna Wiak

Upwardly mobile

The largest Polish office leasing contract in 2013 was the app. 23,000 sqm of new offices taken up by mobile phone operator Plus in an office building under development on ul. Konstruktorska in Warsaw. The companies behind this coup were White Stone Development, and MF Capital, who together developed the head office of Polkomtel (the owner of Plus). One of the people responsible for this transaction is Jan Schwarz, the managing director of MF Capital. The building, with an area of 23,000 sqm, should be completed in August 2015.


The children of the revolution

Technological change together with the expectations of a younger generation are about to sweep away traditional office environments and change the way we work forever


Storm from the East

The next offensive is going to come from the Eastern front – this was the main conclusion to be drawn from my visit to Cannes. Russian projects are making a more pronounced mark on the European retail map, in fact, on the world map. However, this does not mean that the Polish contribution has been marginalised


You buy it, you wear it, you return it… and business thrives

Store owners (including those on the internet) are concerned about the ever-increasing number of goods that are being returned – but not warehouse developers and couriers, who are rubbing their hands in glee at all the extra traffic this generates

Rafał Ostrowski