Edition 6 (201) June 2015


Changes at the top

This month I was going to write something about the Professional Latin American Dance World Championship, which is to take place in Poland for the first time in the history of the event in October this year.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Retail & leisure

A new, better model?

POLAND The creators of the Modo Domy Mody project, which is being developed on ul. Łopuszańska in Warsaw’s south-western Włochy district, are not only hoping for it to become a permanent fixture in the capital city’s retail landscape but also for it to make its presence known on the fashion and design map of the city.

Agata Kłapeć
Retail & leisure

REAListic prospect of conflict

POLAND Auchan Poland has completed the halfway stage of its rebranding of the network of Real hypermarkets it has recently acquired from Metro.

Tomasz Szpyt
Stock market report

Constructors take the lead

Investors can be satisfied with the spring increases on the WSE. In April the WIG20 index was one of the strongest in the world, even despite the corrections across European markets. The construction companies’ sub-index was also stronger than the broader market once again


The road out of Mordor

The Polish office market has never had such a varied and rich offer before. Tenants are aware of this and are negotiating hard, while developers are continuing building even though it’s going to Be far from easy leasing all that space

Tomasz Szpyt
Office & mixed-use development


In 2035 the number of Poles in retirement will approach the number still at the productive age. Is this a problem? For the economy, yes. However, the virtually non-existent retirement home market in Poland means that there is potentially profitable business out there for investors

Anna Pakulniewicz
Warehouse & industrial

Short and bitter-sweet

The huge demand for warehouse space in Q1 and falling vacancy are bad omens for tenants looking for short-term contracts. We could be seeing fewer and fewer of them

Rafał Ostrowski

Ownership? Not so fast…

In its amendment to the Act on converting perpetual usufructs into ownership rights, the Constitutional Tribunal has given greater freedom to local authorities in granting this right. Will this amendment affect the development of new projects or will it only affect the relationship between investors and local government?

Aneta Cichla

Too few chiefs

We usually see our bosses in either a good or a bad light. But we still rarely end up taking on their duties ourselves

Agata Kłapeć