Edition 7 (260) July 2021


Holiday time old-style

While planning my holiday this year in Bieszczady in the Polish mountains, I was reminded of my first visit to this region of the country – a place I have been deeply in love with since the 80s. What would always happen is that our group would split up and plan to meet up again at some vague point in the future at a location that was several miles away

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Turning into a swan

Real estate investment management company MNK Partners recently made its first Polish acquisition. We spoke to investment director Małgorzata Cieślak-Belgy about what and where its next moves are likely to be.

Small talk

Starting over

After twelve years at RedNet, where she climbed all the way to the top, Anna Franus has now joined a competitor in the residential development services field, Kup i Mieszkaj, as managing director, She tells why she is so excited by the prospect of this new challenge

Small talk

An outlet for pent-up demand

Outlet centres were once derided as the poorer relation of prime shopping centres. But that perception has been shattered by how well they performed during the pandemic. As, Thomas Reichenauer, the managing director and co-founder of ROS Retail Outlet Shopping, explains, this shouldn’t have come as any surprise to anyone.

Stock market report

Warsaw in record-breaking form

The news of a new coronavirus variant did little to dampen the optimism of stock market investors. Fears of inflation, however, proved more effective in this regard, but June still saw stock markets in the US break new records and the WIG rising to its long-awaited historic peak. The sector indexes have entered a calmer period, but talk has been growing louder that the residential development market might be becoming a little too overheated

Office & mixed-use development

The return of the tenant

The first three months of the year happened to be the worst quarter for many years for the office market in Poland, but now demand is slowly returning. Landlords are counting on being able to complete their current negotiations by the autumn – and the development market should be back on track in two to three years

Rafał Ostrowski
Green projects

Deeper green

Environmental, social and corporate governance issues, otherwise known as ESG, are having an increasing influence on business decisions – including in the real estate market. At the moment, however, there’s little consensus over what this concept actually entails

Tomasz Cudowski

Reinventing renting

Before 2020, maybe only a few people in our region had heard of Swedish PRS specialists Heimstaden. Since then the company has hardly been out of the news, acquiring portfolios and linking up with local Czech and Polish developers. Stanislav Kubáček, the head of Heimstaden’s acquisition team for Germany and the CEE region, tells us how it plans to build up the critical mass in cities to move our embryonic institutional rental market to the next stage

Nathan North

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside...

The tourism industry on Poland’s Baltic coast has had a rocky ride during the pandemic, but domestic demand is strong and its prospects don’t actually look so bad

Alex Hayes

A profitable education

As the warehouse and residential markets continue to boom, investors cannot count on being able to snap up any bargains, forcing them to look around for other promising assets. Could educational real estate, and in particular schools and pre-schools, be the new big thing?

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
The Expert Eye

The drive towards diversity

The types of warehousing on the Polish industrial market have been undergoing a multi-faceted process of diversification that has been gathering pace in recent years. Newly-developed warehouse projects can now vary considerably in many respects, such as in terms of their size, location and function. Joanna Sinkiewicz, a partner and the CEE head of the industrial and logistics agency at Cushman & Wakefield, tells us more about how the differences that have been emerging across Poland

Joanna Sinkiewicz, Cushman & Wakefield
Green projects

Welcome to the office jungle

Recent technological advances are opening up previously unimaginable possibilities for architects when it comes to the green aspects of office design. They are now able to dream up ever more daring concepts and so developers are vying with one another to bring to life the most spectacular ideas. ‘greenery in the office’ is no longer the right way of thinking about this – it’s now more a case of ‘offices in the greenery’

Magdalena Rachwald

Those un-fore-gettable moments

It was a much-needed day out for everyone at the First Warsaw Golf and Country Club in Rajszew and on the courts of the Warszawianka tennis club at the end of May.

Nathan North

Low-hanging fruit

Sometimes, when it comes to green issues, we like to make life too complicated

Alex Hayes