Edition 10 (194) October 2014


The gold is ours

Poland are the world champions!

Investment & finance

GTC pursues growth strategy

CEE REGION Warsaw-listed real estate investor Globe Trade Centre (GTC) is expecting to start the construction work on its Galeria Północna shopping centre in Warsaw this year, if the company receives a building permit, which it now sees as “very likely” to take place by the end of the autumn. However, this makes up only a small part of GTC’s plans for the rest of the year.


Looking architects in the eye

Port Praski, the huge project to revitalise Warsaw’s right bank, has been the subject of much discussion for many years. What stage has the construction process now reached?

Tomasz Szpyt
Stock market report

Making up for the lost ground

The summer correction brought on from the anxiety over the tension between Russia and the Western world seems now to have been put behind us. The good news from the world’s largest economy returned the green colour onto the stock exchanges all over the world. Contrary to the situation over the last few months the Warsaw stock exchange joined the peloton of increases


Investment dilemmas

Real estate investment in Poland and the CEE region has soared to a level not seen for many years. However, the situation is by no means a picnic for investors, since few prime buildings are on the market

Tomasz Szpyt

Looking good in platforms

LogiCor, the European logistics platform of global investor Blackstone, has now grown its portfolio to 6 mln sqm. Is the company ready to stop there? Of course not! But surely the time has come to organise the portfolio. In our region the person charged with this task is Bartosz Mierzwiak, the managing director for Central and Eastern Europe of LogiCor

Retail & leisure

Survival of the fittest

Poles are now storming the gyms. And while they are getting into the gym-going habit, the confidence of both local and foreign fitness investors is soaring. Certain that the Polish gym market will turn into a gold mine over the next few years, they are already hunting for the properties to lease that could put them in pole position to capitalise

Agata Kłapeć

BIM me up!

Building Information Modelling is slowly but steadily changing the face of the Polish construction sector. The system is not yet in common use in the industry, but it is set to become a basic tool for Polish builders

Aneta Cichla

General investor

These days many developers are choosing not to work with general contractors. This is not to save money, but because they believe it is a more convenient and secure model for their projects

Rafał Ostrowski
Eurobuild Awards

Cities of good will

Investor-friendly cities are to be recognised for the first time in the five-year history of the Eurobuild Awards

Rafał Ostrowski

The new Victorians

A quick quiz question: what do parkour enthusiasts, builders’ jargon and herring salad have in common? The answer: they are all adored by real estate agents. At least this WAs what we learned at the IVG event held recently BY ‘Eurobuild’ IN WARSAW


The promised land rediscovered

Buy now because you will not be able to afford it in a few years’ time – was the appeal mayor Hanna Zdanowska and first deputy mayor Marek Cieślak made to investors and real estate consultants at the Łódź REdiscover conference organised by Eurobuild


Twin towers – twin cities?

In September it was the 13th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers, but now another significant occasion is also almost upon us: the opening of the new One World Trade Center building. Since May last year, 1WTC has been the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. The sleek new building already dominates the Manhattan skyline, representing a defiant and united response to what nearly all Americans regard as an assault on their freedoms and democracy. Or does it?

Nathan North