(249) March 2020


Future tense or future perfect?

The ‘office of the future’ is not a new concept – it was first imagined in utopian visions dreamt up in the aftermath of the Second World War. One such office visionary was Vannevar Bush, who conceived of a paperless future, where computer models were generated using vast amounts of data stored on microfilm.

Nathan North

Offices straining to meet the demand

With a record 878,000 sqm leased in 2019 and only 162,200 sqm completed, the Warsaw office market saw vacancy drop to just 7.8 pct – a level unseen for seven years, according to the ‘At a Glance – the Office Market in Warsaw’ report by BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland.

Workplace solutions

Years of plenty still lie ahead of us

Warsaw office developers can look to the future with some optimism, as the next two years should be very good for them – believe BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland’s office class sector and strategic project managing director Małgorzata Fibakiewicz and the head of office agency Mikołaj Laskowski.

Rafał Ostrowski

Co-leasing – a whole new legal animal?

In today’s world, it won’t be long before you encounter the prefix ‘co’ in business or daily life. Words like ‘co-sharing’ and ‘co-living’ have entered the lexicon, and share one important feature – they don’t apply to just a single person, inhabitant or company, but to multiple users of space.

Office & mixed-use development

From behind the desk and straight to bed

When companies are looking for a new office, they no longer expect just to have a good location, an attractive level of rent or hi-tech installations. Having hotel accommodation handy is increasingly being added to their list of requirements. There are fewer sites available for new projects, so developers are now building mixed-use projects where offices and hotels go hand-in-hand.

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska

APP and its apps

Proptech can generate benefits at every stage of an investment – regardless of whether we are talking about a spectacular project worth hundreds of millions of euros or a small project by a local developer; but unfortunately, not everyone uses such systems – says Jacek Korwin-Małaszyński, a member of the board of APP-Projekt.

Tomasz Cudowski

Family supervision

APP-Projekt was established 15 years ago. It was basically made up of a handful of self-employed people at the time. Today, the company has almost 140 employees and provides consultancy for some of the largest and most spectacular development projects in Poland.

Tomasz Cudowski

Tick-tech, tick-tech…

The technological revolution we are living through is transforming the face of the office market. Developers are increasingly having to peer into the future to stay one step ahead of the competition, offer the best product and attract new tenants. The actual winners in this race will be those that are the best at keeping up with all the new tech and at ensuring their buildings can meet changing needs.