Edition 10 (262) October 2021


In a Gala mood

Missed us? Well, we’ve missed you. Obviously, I’m addressing these words to all the guests of the 2020 Eurobuild Awards who are now holding this hot-off-the-press October issue after the ceremony.

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Energy and ideas

Avison Young has certainly been sending out positive messages to the market, by expanding its team and the range of its services. Michał Ćwikliński and Monika Bronicka of the consultancy tell us why they've felt confident enough to do this - and why they are introducing a valuation service

Small talk

Joining the proptech revolution

One of the most well-known names on the real estate consultancy scene in Poland is now taking his expertise to the proptech market. We asked Alan Colquhoun why this segment is so promising and how important it will become for the whole market

Small talk

For shopping, go down one level

As Immofinanz embarks on a shift towards developing affordable housing, we spoke to the company's COO, Deitmar Reidnl, about how this will fit into its activities in the retail and office segments

Stock market report

Overcoming the 14-year itch

The current state of the residential market is one of the hot topics among investors, since home prices are soaring and the demand shows no sign of weakening. This can’t be seen from the strength of the residential developers’ index over the summer, but still, its growth of 30 pct since the beginning of the year has made quite an impression


2021: A Space Odyssey

The pandemic has had a profound effect on many real estate sectors, including offices – and our workplaces will never be the same again. Employers are continuing in their efforts to bring us back to the traditional workplace, but why are they having to try so hard? And what can we expect instead of the good old desks we’re used to?

Rafał Ostrowski

The renovation game

With their prestigious addresses and beautiful architecture, historic properties can be the most outstanding assets in any investment portfolio. And they have passed the pandemic test just as well as their younger, tech-filled glass-and-steel counterparts

Magdalena Rachwald
Office & mixed-use development

The cityscape gardeners

Vastint, one of the first international developers to enter the Polish market, has since made its mark here and elsewhere in the region with its Business Garden office complexes. Now it’s making an even bigger splash with a series of major city-forming projects. So we spoke to Roger Andersson, the managing director of Vastint Poland

Nathan North

A hard time to be accommodating

Everyone knows that over the last two years the hospitality sector has had a rough ride – but now, as we appear to be coming to the end of the Covid-19 crisis, what hope does it have for recovery?

Alex Hayes
Retail & leisure

All the fun of the fair

Entertainment and recreation centres – including those that operate independently and those within shopping centres – are slowly beginning to make up for their losses, while some are even expanding their range of attractions. New centres are also appearing in Poland. Are these the signs of a solid post-Covid recovery?

Anna Korólczyk-Lewandowska
Retail & leisure

Retail in the new reality

The Polish retail market began to evolve and experience qualitative changes well before the outbreak of Covid-19. The pandemic, however, turned out to be a catalyst for change and created a brand-new environment that all market players will have to learn to navigate

Cushman & Wakefield

Buy, buy, buy!

You can find whatever you want! Brands that have been withdrawn from Poland, those that have never even been sold here, niche, cult and Asian products, prime and luxury goods, Walmart, Primark, boho, true vintage, basic, must have… you name it – pandemic or not, whatever you want to purchase can be found on the internet

Magdalena Rachwald