Edition 7 (280) July 2023


Head for the hills!

Since you’re about to dive into our summer holiday issue, it’s traditional to say something about the Bieszczady Mountains. Most of our Polish readers are likely to be familiar with the saying “drop everything and go to Bieszczady”, but I will explain it anyway to anyone from abroad

Tomasz Cudowski, editor-in-chief
Small talk

Let’s all take a breather

Paulina Krasnopolska, a well-known figure on the Polish real estate market, has now branched out to help found Portus Vitae foundation, which promotes diversity, mindfulness and wellbeing – as she explains...

Small talk

Close to the city, close to the client

Marek Mazur of Noho Logistic tells us about what the new the young Polish developer is bringing to Kraków's and the country's warehouse market

Stock market report

A good half year behind us

The last few weeks have brought some stability to the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s indexes, and overall, it has been a good first half of the year. There are clear signs of a rebound on the residential market, while developers are still surprising us with high margins and the desire to seek out more development finance


The flight of the condo?

Condo hotels have for years been marketed as an investment that combines pleasure with earnings. With the 2023 summer season now upon us, are they still desirable assets?

Magda Rachwald

Advice at every stage

In an exclusive interview with ‘Eurobuild’, the top executives of the Polish branch of international management consultancy Arcadis give us an in-depth look at the company’s operations in Poland, reveal how to maintain customer loyalty, and tell us which market segments are going to be the most attractive in the future


Trams-forming our cities

People rarely switch to using old technology, but trams are back in vogue as we rediscover their many advantages

Anna Zamyłka

Building bridges

It would be something of a stretch to call Poland the land of the bicycle, but cycling is nevertheless gaining in popularity here – not only due to the heightened environmental awareness and the obvious financial and fitness benefits, but also because of the increasing number of facilities for cyclists. And we can now even speak of a boom in foot and cycle bridges

Julia Cudowska
Project showcase

Take me to the river

Vastint, a developer better known for the Business Garden office complexes it has built in cities across Poland and the wider region, has recently unveiled its plans to develop a new residential district in Poznań

Nathan North
Country focus

Less fun on the autobahn

The German economy has been sputtering recently, but despite all its issues, real estate consultancies are cautiously optimistic and are preparing for the return of long-term growth

Alex Hayes

Hanging on in there

Although some openly admitted that this is not the best time for office properties, many of those attending Eurobuild’s annual office conference at the Hilton Warsaw City Hotel on June 15th seem not to have lost faith in the market’s potential

Rafał Ostrowski

Three decades played out

Once again, the year’s biggest sporting event for the local real estate sector is now behind us. The aim of our annual get-together on the courts and the fairways is to compete for titles and prizes, but there’s also the satisfaction of just taking part. And it also gives us the chance to get to know each other better and make new business contacts in a warm and friendly atmosphere

Magdalena Rachwald

In praise of buzzing wings

I’ve already poured out my grief in this column about climate change, the private rental market, and offices that only seem to lack a hall of mirrors and a Ferris wheel. This has forced me to confront an uncomfortable truth about myself – despondency and frustration actually inspire me. But I’m not blind. We now have some beautiful weather, and nature – despite our best efforts – is still able to renew itself, giving us some hope for tomorrow (although maybe not for the day after)

Julia Cudowska