Edition 12 (196) December 2014


Just say no – to boredom

Anton Chekhov once said: “There is nothing more boring than a boring play.” It was this quote that opened an evening at the theatre I’d been invited to by law firm Hogan Lovells.

Investment & finance

Livening up the market

At the end of October the REINO Dywidenda FIZ closed investment fund acquired an office building from the Kapelanka 42 complex in Kraków for EUR 29 mln. Is REINO working on other projects?

Tomasz Szpyt
Investment & finance

The Patience of the Long Distance Runner

Adgar recently bought an office building in Mokotów district. What convinced you to buy?


Holding onto to the number one spot

POLAND After a few years of the Polish residential market slowing down, it now has regained some its former vigour. An improvement in sales results can be seen for the majority of companies, but some are benefiting from the revival more than others. Robyg is one of the developers that has had two or three years of such prosperity.

Warehouse & industrial

Pinnacle back in the game

CEE REGION Development and asset management company Pinnacle pulled out of Poland after selling off its warehousing arm and portfolio to Arcapita in 2008 to focus on asset management services in the Czech Republic. Now Pinnacle is re-entering the Polish property market, with a major plan for new retail and warehousing development in sight of the chimney stacks of Upper Silesia

Agata Kłapeć
Stock market report

Stagnation all around us

The adjustments that took place on the markets in October turned out to be extremely short-lived. In the middle of the month, the more developed markets skyrocketed, driven by some rather good company results and the sporadically excellently macroeconomic data. The WSE registered minimal increases, while WIG-Construction was the only one that finished the month down


Just like the ones we used to know…

If you hear “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away” – it means that Christmas is just round the corner


Back to retail basics

Today Polish shopping centres are still among the most modern retail facilities in the world. But the question remains: will they still be so advanced in a few years’ time? especially when Factors other than just supply and demand are having an increasingly significant impact on the market. And anyone in this business would be advised to take a closer look at them right now

Aneta Cichla

Real politik

The end of November was the second anniversary of the signing of an agreement by Metro Group to sell the Real hypermarket network in the CEE region to Auchan. In Russia, Romania and Ukraine, Auchan’s robin logo replaced that of the German chain some time ago. But in Poland the main changes still lie ahead of us


A dialogue for design

As the building work begins on Ovo Wroclaw, Eurobuild sat down with the project’s conceptual architect, Asaf Gottesman of the international architectural studio Gottesman–Szmelcman Architecture, to discuss the architectural scene in Wrocław, in Poland, and the problems faced by architects – as well as the latest ideas in this field

Anna Pakulniewicz

The age of science

Just two decades ago none of these even existed in Poland. Now there are a more than a dozen. Science centres have proven that science does not have to be boring and can attract BIG crowds just like other forms of entertainment project

Rafał Ostrowski
Green projects

Greener than the average office

It has only been four years since the first office building in Poland was granted a green certificate and we have already become used to this becoming the standard. However, not many people know that the same time has passed since the certifying of the first interior. But in what might seem like a similar issue, the difference in numbers is now huge

Tomasz Szpyt
Facility Management

The invisible hand in the velvet glove

The shopping centre – an oasis of peace and tranquility. a safe haven. Shoppers are meant to feel secure and spend their time in a pleasant atmosphere without fearing for their safety. this is the aim of the management of all malls. customers then stay longer, the shopping is more pleasant and more money is spent And this makes the customers want to come back

Anna Pakulniewicz
Eurobuild Awards

Satisfaction... (tenants can get some!)

As in each of the previous years, the tenant satisfaction survey forms an integral part of the annual Eurobuild Awards. We are proud to have carried out this research and to present the results

Katarzyna Bednarek, Izabella Anuszewska of Millward Brown

Let the sunshine in

The effects of sunlight on the human body have been widely documented in scientific research. It is an established fact that the rays of the sun play a role in regulating our hormonal balance. Exposure to them increases the level of serotonin – the happiness hormone. And this improves your mood considerably. Perhaps this was the most important factor in the success of MAPIC 2014, which took place, as always, in Cannes on the French Riviera


Behind the facade

He had been reaching for his phone while the plane was still taxiing, but it wasn’t until he was boarding the shuttle bus that he got through to the number he dialled. “Sweetie, I’ve landed. Missing you already. You are my everything. I will call you in the evening. Kisses, my love,” he told her, beaming with joy. overhearing this from the next passenger seat, I was just about to say how nice it was to hear people talking to each other this affectionately in public… when Sweetie No.2 called

Agata Kłapeć