Edition 3 (198) March 2015


What makes the world go round?

When she was young she sold strawberries from a family plantation with her parents. She remembers that as soon as a queue was formed, she put up the price, annoying her dad in the process. Over 20 years had passed since then, when the anecdote was recently related to me by my friend, who became a saleswoman in her adult life. Priceless memories. Oh really? Apparently everything can be bought. It is only a matter of the price.

Ewa Andrzejewska

Retail oxymoron

When I ventured an opinion on a topic currently fascinating me, the response in our editorial office was ironic laughter. Apparently, for sharp observers (who certainly include ‘Eurobuild CEE’ journalists) a city-forming shopping centre is still something of a contradiction in terms

Aneta Cichla
Stock market report

Constructors lead the way

The year started with a change of roles. An adjustment in the US, improvements in Europe – and even in Poland, where the balance for the first month was in the green. Unfortunately, this was not the case in early February. but the star among the Warsaw indexes turned out to be WIG-Construction

Investment & finance

Xcity to develop PKP projects

POLAND Recently Polish State Railways (PKP) has launched its Xcity Investment vehicle responsible for coordinating development projects on plots owned by the company

Retail & leisure

Malls, management and modernity

You are currently developing the Posnania shopping centre in Poznań. What other projects is Apsys Polska preparing?

Aneta Cichla

An eye on the regions

Last year was a good year for Xplan. You signed new contracts, your company grew – and outside Warsaw too...


Shoulder to shoulder

Investors are keen to point out to Polish cities that they are in dire need of long-term spatial development strategies. Local councils tend to respond that they are doing what they can, but this will need well thought-out projects. Thus a dialogue is initiated, but will it turn out to be fruitful for both sides?

Aneta Cichla, Anna Pakulniewicz
Investment & finance

Bad debt... good business

2014 was a breakthrough year in Poland for those who trade in receivables secured by mortgages. This year could be even better and the turnover could more than double

Tomasz Szpyt
Investment & finance

A tailor-made law firm

When the Chinese are not particularly fond of someone, they say: “May you live in interesting times”. One could add: and if you do, then you’d better have a good lawyer

Investment & finance

After the first million – a property magnate?

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, the former Polish Prime Minister, once said that the first million you make needs to be stolen. I do not know how Polish millionaires became rich in the first place, but the number of them has been growing – and the real estate market now has the chance to benefit from this

Aneta Cichla
Investment & finance

Posting a profit

Polska Poczta, the Polish Postal services provider, owns 400 redundant properties. This is accroding to a new specialist unit of the company’s real estate division, set up for the sole purpose of selling off loss-making properties. ‚Eurobuild cee’ talks to its creator, Radosław Wawrzyniak, the deputy managing director of poczta polska’s investment division, on the new unit’s strategy and the assets that are up for grabs

Anna Pakulniewicz
Retail & leisure

Getting Real

François Colombié, the president of the supervisory board of Auchan in Poland and Ukraine, makes one thing clear: without a renegotiation of rents, partnership with Auchan is out of the question. He also shares his thoughts on the growth of the hypermarket market and the future projects the company wants to participate in


They’ve got the whole world!

The global engineering consultancy responsible for the structural designs of the Shard in London (the tallest building in the Europe), as well as three new towers of the World Trade Center in New York including 1 World Trade Center (the tallest building in the USA), is looking for new areas to operate in. Tom Smith, the global director of property and buildings at WSP Global, spoke to us while visiting the firm’s Warsaw office about the expansion of the company’s operations

Rafał Ostrowski
Human resources

Sisters are doing it – but together

A truce between women is called friendship. True or false? Those working in the property sector, who have just established the Association of Women in Real Estate in Poland (WIREP), would certainly deny this! They actually do seem to like and support each other

Warehouse & industrial

Hitting the headlines

If there’s one thing that can be agreed upon between developers in the currently highly competitive Polish warehousing market, then it’s the wide disparity between headline and effective rents, in the form of incentives for tenants of newly built projects. But when it comes to whether this is justifiable, rational or a state of play that should exist, then the consensus breaks down

Nathan North
Human resources

Social climbers

We can love them or hate them… they can bore us or get on our nerves. But whether you like them or not isn’t the point. You simply can’t afford to ignore them. So it’s better to learn how to use them. Do residential developers know how to get the most out of social networks?

Ewa Andrzejewska

To E- or not to E-

How the warehouse and logistics sector has been developing in Central and Eastern European countries, the impact the boom in e-commerce is having on it, how warehouses can be made of rubber, and where it will be possible to collect a package ordered online – this is what we found out during this year’s conference held by Eurobuild Conferences in the Warsaw Marriott on February 5th

Anna Pakulniewicz