Edition 9 (203) September 2015


Spinning a yarn

Facecjonista is a Polish word that has fallen somewhat out of use, but roughly translates as ‘a wag’ or ‘a raconteur’ – or perhaps better, ‘a yarn-spinner’.

Ewa Andrzejewska
Investment & finance

There has never been a better time to sell

Three months ago you announced your intention to sell a large mixed-use portfolio of 17 properties located across a number of countries. You attributed the decision to exploring how big the demand for such portfolios is. What have you learnt since that time?

Rafał Ostrowski
Investment & finance

All they need is retail and offices

EUROPE Immofinanz has decided to sell its 1 mln sqm gla European logistics portfolio and focus more on its other business lines – retail and offices – in Poland, Austria and Germany instead.

Agata Kłapeć
Retail & leisure

At the heart of the change

After 13 years as the general director of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres (PRCH) you left PRCH and decided to create something new. Where did the idea for The Retail & e-Commerce Institute come from?

Aneta Cichla
Retail & leisure

Click-and-collect: once you start you can’t stop

UNITED KINGDOM British multi-channel retailers have started charging customers for the in-store collection of online orders, as the growing competition on this market and the demand for more convenient deliveries forces them to improve their supply chains.

Agata Kłapeć
Warehouse & industrial

Prologis busy selling, leasing, building

EUROPE Prologis has acquired the Westgate Park Rudna logistics project near Prague from London-based fund manager Europa Capital.

Stock market report

Sector indexes surge ahead

Politics tends to heap burdens on the financial markets. First it was the Greek crisis holding investors in Europe back. When this was solved, the upcoming election then prevented the indexes Poland from bouncing back. However, there are some commendable exceptions, e.g., construction companies


Towards consolidation

The life of a property agent or – as they like to call themselves – a real estate consultant, is becoming increasingly complicated. The range of services is growing, while the battle for clients is more and more intense. Only the best can survive in a highly competitive market – and the best often means the biggest

Agata Kłapeć, Tomasz Szpyt
Retail & leisure

Brave new retail world

A virtual shopping centre in a real building is no longer the pipe dream it once was. Modern forms of retail combined with traditional trade are the way forward – according to the think tanks set up by development companies

Aneta Cichla

Happy family

The Erbud construction group has had another record year in terms of revenue and profit. Its current order portfolio is worth over PLN 1.5 bln. We discuss its future prospects and the state of the construction industry with Dariusz Grzeszczak, the president of Erbud’s management board

Rafał Ostrowski

All rights reserved?

In spite of interventions by European antimonopoly bodies, the expected breakthrough between the hotel sector and online agencies and Expedia has still not taken place. The changes so far are superficial and the rules of the game still seem to be fixed

Rafał Ostrowski
Interior Design

My beautiful office

It was only two years ago when architects, quoted in our magazine, were wondering how quickly designer offices would appear in Poland. And here they are. We are seeing more and more examples of Polish companies deciding to rearrange their office space with a more personal touch – and even public companies and local authorities are now joining in

Anna Pakulniewicz

What a day!

DTZ triumphed in this year’s real estate beach volleyball tournament organised by JLL. The silver went to the MLP Group team, while Panattoni Europe came third after a tough match against Torus. The entire event was attended by app. 1,500 people, including 280 contestants in 40 teams

Ewa Andrzejewska

Talking shop? Don’t even think about it!

The extremely hard questions posed at the Property People Soirees quizzes are bringing together more and more players of the real estate market for some after-work fun and games and socialising

Anna Pakulniewicz

Out of Eden – and under a roof

Why do we build? Buildings, that is. I don’t know if you’ve ever asked yourself that question – and it might seem a strange one to ask: well, to provide us with a warm, safe shelter to live or work in! Duh! But among the great apes, the naked one is unique in insisting upon an abode of its own construction

Nathan North